Online X Ray Technician Classes

The study of X-ray technology is focused on learning to operate radiological equipment to capture images of bones, soft tissues and organs for medical diagnosis. An X-ray technician, also known as a radiology technician, operates equipment, works with patients, and delivers findings to doctors for interpretation and action. Classes include a practice phase in a hospital, outpatient center, or diagnostic imaging center.

Knowledge Gained

Online classes will provide students with knowledge in many areas, including:

Medical Terminology

Students learn the medical vocabulary and scientific terms used for communication in hospitals, clinics and medical settings to insure patient safety.

Radiographic Procedures

Radiographic procedures courses focus on performance and evaluation of X-rays and other radiographs. Students learn equipment operation and maintenance, image production and evaluation and patient care.


Imaging is the techniques and processes used to create images of the human body. Imaging courses teach students how different imaging methods work in assessing and diagnosing problems in body systems and tissues.


In pathology classes, students study various human diseases in order to identify them on a radiologic scan or image and learn the differences between normal and abnormal radiologic results.

Radiation Safety

Students learn protection requirements for patients, technicians, and equipment, and how to measure amounts of radiation exposure to avoid overexposure.

Skills Developed

Students will also gain skills in the following areas:

Computer Skills

Students will learn how to use computer radiography, which replaces traditional X-ray film and images and can be viewed instantly on a computer screen.


Classes also focus on the use of verbal and written communication with patients, families and other medical staff. Students learn therapeutic communication and counseling to inspire confidence and trust in patients and their families.

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