Online Writing Classes

The study of writing is about learning how to communicate effectively using the written word. There are concepts and skill sets common to all genres of writing, including fictional short stories, magazine advertisements, and journalistic articles. Students taking online writing classes can expect to develop essential writing and editing skills without having to leave home.

Knowledge Gained

Students can expect to gain a variety of knowledge, including:

Grammar and Punctuation

Students will learn the fundamentals of grammar, ranging from proper usage of tenses to correctly punctuating sentences. For those pursuing careers in education, additional training, such as diagramming sentences, can be expected.

Copy Editing and Design

Students can expect to learn the basics of copy editing and design, whether it is with words alone, or using additional media to add meaning. Writing classes train students to write for traditional and nontraditional forms of media.


Research is heavily emphasized as a means to uncover new information and help establish the credibility of a writer. Students will learn to differentiate between good and bad sources, and how to efficiently search for supporting evidence.

Writing Organization

Students will develop proper writing organization, which is essential for effectively communicating ideas and meaning. Regardless of the student's specific field of interest, they can expect to learn consistency, conciseness, and how to make ideas flow naturally.

Sentence Structure

Sentence structure is at the forefront of any writing course curriculum. Students will learn or organize sentences to excite readers and will logically convey information to craft fluid and competent sentences.

Skills Developed

Accredited classes will emphasize the development of an assortment of skills, including:

Word Processing

Writing academic and creative papers will help students hone their word processing skills. Students can expect to learn how to type quickly and accurately while writing various forms of documents.

Critical Thinking

Courses emphasize critical thinking to analyze the message behind the writing. It is also essential to develop critical thinking skills to craft compelling arguments, supporting points, consider how the reader will react to writing, and respond to any criticism.

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