Online Web Development Classes

The best web development courses online teach concepts in web design, web programming, database administration, site management and agile development. Classes also develop skills in computer programming, problem solving, planning and organization, teamwork and mathematics.

Online Web Development Classes

Web development focuses on creating online applications that people access through the Internet. These applications do the work of a website and vary from simple online forms to complex and innovative services that process information and power entire businesses. Due to the broad scope of their work, courses cover diverse concepts from visual design to advanced programming and database knowledge.

Knowledge Gained

A student may gain knowledge in many areas, including:

Web Design

Most web applications have some form of online user interface that displays information and allows the input of data and commands. The top online courses cover the best practices for the layout and design of these interfaces, including organizing information and formatting it clearly.

Web Programming

Students learn how to create programs that allow websites to perform advanced functions, including interactive navigation tools, user account management, and electronic commerce tools. Accredited online web development classes feature study in the programming knowledge necessary to accomplish these goals, including coding languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java, and ASP.NET.

Database Administration

Online classes teach students how to create databases and use database functions within a web application. Database programs power the storage and retrieval of the data that helps generate create web applications.

Site Management

By studying site management, students will learn how an application interacts with its users, how it works with the computer where it is stored, and the network that transmits information. Courses discuss these aspects, such as server administration, computer resource management, site security and protecting confidential data.

Agile Development

Students should learn about modern web development, which uses advanced tools to create complex websites quickly while reducing coding errors. This approach, known as agile development, is covered in Ruby On Rails, AJAX and Scrum classes.

Skills Gained

Students will also hone the following skills:

Computer Programming

After understanding the ideas behind web programming, students may learn how to successfully code and test applications. Courses help students develop computer programming skills, such as reading existing code, documenting program features, and identifying problems with an existing program.

Problem Solving

Students learn to search of novel solutions to the problems of organizations, customers, clients and members. Web development courses enhance students' skills in identifying the demands of a program and evaluating possible methods of fulfilling those demands.

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