Online Web Design Classes

Online classes in web design teach students about the multiple factors that come together to create a visually appealing website. To be successful, students must be familiar with graphic design, web standards, programming, and website management. They must also know how to conduct research on their target audience and manage multiple projects.

Online Web Design Classes

Courses will cover the planning, implementation, and publishing of websites. Once enrolled, students will learn how to organize information and media into an effective and lasting online document. Students can also expect to learn about the creative, organizational, and technical elements of design. In addition, they have the option of specializing in multimedia design or web development.

Knowledge Gained

Students will explore the following areas:

Information Design

Websites can contain large amounts of complex information, and students will learn to organize that information clearly. Courses will discuss organizing content into understandable parts by using hierarchies, subject matter, and other frameworks while taking user need into account.

Graphic Design

Most websites focus on visual information, which is why students will study the various methods for presenting text and multimedia content effectively. Graphic design includes lessons on color theory, layout design, and font selection to create clear and interesting websites.

Web Standards/h3>

Web standards are rules that students will learn adopt to ensure that different users can view a website properly. These classes will address ways to fix software compatibility problems and implement accessibility solutions for users with different abilities.

Web Programming

Students can expect to acquire computer programming abilities, which will allow them to create an unlimited variety of experiences and functionality. The best web design online classes will teach standard coding tools like HTML and CSS, along with more advanced techniques, such as JavaScript, PHP, SQL, jQuery or ASP.NET.

Website Management

Unlike printed materials, websites have changing uses and demands over time, which means students will learn how to keep up with these needs. They will be able to determine how to update the content or design of a site in response to increasing use, expanding information and evolving technology.

Skills Developed

Other skills students will acquire from their classes include:

Computer Programming

Students should discover the concepts behind computer code and how to use it to solve specific problems. They will learn to read existing code, create new programs to accomplish specific goals, and solve problems that arise when a program is used.

Visual Communication

Studying web design will enable students to acquire experience in expressing visual ideas. It will enhance their awareness of space and form, while encouraging them to experiment with multiple methods of combining visual elements.

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