Online Visual Communications Classes

Online classes in visual communications teach students about the use of typography and color to create images and other visual products for organizations. Once enrolled, students will learn how to develop layouts for projects and how to use creative thinking to handle any potential difficulties that may arise during project implementation. They will also develop skills in project management and social media, which will make them marketable prospective employees for a variety of fields.

Online Visual Communications Classes

This field involves the study of how images convey messages, tell stories, and create ideas. It is responsible for relaying the information found in newspapers, magazines, and websites by presenting it in a visually stimulating format for the reader. Students will learn to use visual techniques to impact the target audience.

Knowledge Gained

Classes will address the following areas:


Students will learn the basics of typography, which is the study of how words are printed. As viewers can be impacted by the way words appear, the selection of a font and the spacing of words can determine the way information is received by the reader.


Students will discover the principles of color theory, which includes the study of the different ways to combine colors to create a particular effect. They will also learn about how color helps or harms clarity and readability.


The elements of design help determine the overall flow of newsletters, billboards, and blogs. Online courses in visual communications will explain how to effectively balance images, text, and blank space to create a readable and effective layout


Print and electronic media effectively combine cartoons, diagrams, and artwork with text to create a rich overall experience for readers and viewers. Enrolled students will learn how to create these illustrations in an effective and efficient manner.


These classes teach students how to pair photographs with text to convey information and tell a full story. As part of the visual communications curriculum, students will discover the principles used to use photographs with their work.

Skills Developed

Other skills acquired include:

Computer Skills

When it comes to developing visual products, the use of technology is essential. Students will therefore become acquainted with software and applications that will make their jobs easier. They will also learn how to edit images and design documents.

Creative Thinking

Graphic designers, illustrators and photographers must bring strong skills in expression and interpretation to every project. Students design and implement innova their own creative approach to innovation and design.

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