Online Video Production Classes

Online classes for video production teach students the principles of video editing, 3D animation, audio production, photographic principles, and elements of film. They also improve a student's skills in computer literacy, judgment and decision making, planning and organization, troubleshooting, and teamwork.

Online Video Production Classes

Students will become prepared to take a behind-the-scenes role in the creation of different forms of video media. Due to the wide range of technologies employed in modern film and video projects, the online courses cover a broad variety of skills, including different methods of capturing live action, creating animation, and combining the element of sound to create an overall multimedia product.

Knowledge Gained

Courses will focus on the following areas of expertise:

Video Editing

Video editing courses explain the techniques and technologies used to focus, enhance, and rearrange the results of video capture. Students are taught how to use video editing software, learning the principles of footage selection and special effects used to produce particular effects in the final video product.

3D Animation

Students studying 3D animation learn the way modern computer animation wizards create imaginative and lifelike original footage or special effects. These courses explain the software, image manipulation, modeling, and motion capture techniques that are combined to create a quality 3D video.

Audio Production

Classes in audio production train students to combine effective and professional soundtracks with video projects. This includes the study of audio editing software, audio engineering hardware, and the principles behind producing a master soundtrack.

Photographic Principles

Students will touch on the photographic principles used to explain the elements common to all forms of photography, including motion pictures. They will also study the history, science, theory, and technique of capturing still or moving images on film.

Elements of Film

Courses in the elements of film cover the basic foundations of moving picture production. Students will learn the fundamental theories and techniques behind film direction, photography, and editing.

Skills Developed

Students will also enhance the following skills:

Computer Skills

Video production classes online will promote strong computer skills because almost every aspect of video editing and production requires the use of sophisticated computer software. Students will learn basic computer hardware and software, as well as advanced video industry programs.

Judgment and Decision Making

The study of video and film production requires students to make tough, creative, and practical decisions at every step. The coursework encourages strong judgment and decision making abilities throughout the process of production and editing, influencing the final appearance of the project.

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