Online Video Game Design Classes

Online classes in video game design prepare students for careers as programmers who create the environments and storylines that appeal to consumers. To be successful, they must learn about programming languages, data accumulation, and image creation. Other essential areas of knowledge include visual orientation, level creation, and problem-solving.

Online Video Game Classes

Once enrolled, students will gain a foundation in the production aspect of video game creation. They will focus on creating the ultimate user experience for gamers. Students will also develop skills in character development, 3-D modeling, and special effects.

Knowledge Gained

Classes are structured to teach students about:


Students must know how to follow mathematical patterns and think logically. Lessons in mathematics will teach them how to think critically and develop strong problem-solving skills.

Assembly Knowledge

A solid foundation in programming languages is essential. As assembly is the basis of video game programming languages, focus is placed on the history of assembly and fundamentals like data allocation and stack resources.

Data Structures

Due to the massive amount of information that needs to be organized and available for reference at a moment's notice, data structures are emphasized in video games. Classes on video game design will therefore cover how to use data structures for specific tasks, like inventory management and world design.

Computer Programming

Programming is at the heart of video game creation. Classes will therefore teach students how to bring conceptualized ideas to life through the creation of software and applications.

Abstract Data Types

Students need a strong foundation in the use of algorithms and complex analysis, as both are an inherent part of programming. They will also study absract data types and data allocation.

Skills Developed

From their classes, students will develop many skill sets, including:

Decision Making

Students will learn how to deal with both the technical and conceptional problems related to development. They will also determine how to prioritize projects, delegate tasks, and set realistic expectations.

Critical Thinking

Abstract problem-solving skills are an important facet of video game design, as professionals must know how to go about fixing potential bugs. In addition, areas like writing, art design and level design all require careful consideration to satisfy the user who is playing the game.

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