Online Veterinary Technician Classes

Veterinary technician online classes teach students about biology, animal anatomy and physiology, animal psychology, diagnostic technology, and animal diseases. Students enrolled in the program also develop skills in research, technology, judgment and decision making, observation, and multi-tasking.

Online Veterinary Technician Classes

The study of veterinary technology focuses on the skills needed to assist licensed veterinarians to diagnose and treat animals. Students will learn to use specialized technology to perform tests on animals. They will also become familiarized with animal biology and animal behavior. To become vet techs, students will learn how to apply veterinary technology in clinics or hospitals.

Knowledge Gained

Online classes will cover the following areas of knowledge:


In order to help provide medical care to animals, students will learn the basic science of living organisms, including the study of cell biology, genetics, and the classification of species.

Animal Anatomy and Physiology

Students will learn the basics of diagnosing and treating animals, which requires a firm grasp of how the animal body functions and the terminology used to describe it. Classes will teach animal anatomy, the function of their biological systems, and the differences in how these systems work in various species.

Animal Psychology

Students can expect to learn animal behavior and reactions to prepare for work in a veterinary clinic or hospital. The courses will cover how to handle animals, the way that animals relate to human beings, and psychological problems animal patients may display.

Diagnostic Technology

Students will be taught how to use diagnostic technology to identify specific conditions and illnesses in animal patients. This means understanding standard veterinary testing procedures and the tools used to administer these tests and analyze results.

Animal Diseases

In order to properly assist in diagnosing animal health conditions, students will learn to understand animal illness and disease. These courses will cover the study of animal parasites, nutrition, pain conditions, viruses, and bacterial infections.

Skills Developed

Students can also expect to hone the following skills:


While studying to become a veterinary technician, students will learn to make distinctions by using a variety of resources and will be kept up to date on the latest veterinary technologies. Online classes will help promote strong research skills by using reference materials and instruction resources.

Technology Skills

While taking veterinary technician courses online, students can expect to gain an understanding of how to use vet tech tools. The coursework helps students develop a familiarity with specialized diagnostic machines, medical testing materials, and computer hardware and software.

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