Online Ultrasound Technician Classes

The study of ultrasound technology is centered on using special equipment to direct high-frequency sound waves into a person's body and examining the resulting images to discover and diagnose medical conditions. Ultrasound technicians, also commonly called sonographers, must be knowledgeable about human anatomy as well as sonographic instruments and the physics behind them. Ultrasound technology has various medical uses such as ob/gyn sonography, vascular sonography, abdominal sonography and more.

Knowledge Gained

Online classes will provide students with knowledge in many areas, including:

Sonographic Instrumentation

Students study the unique scientific equipment of sonography and the physics behind them. The ultrasound probe/transducer, EKG machine and digital imaging station are examples of instruments studied in these courses.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and physiology courses focus on the structures of the human body. In these courses students learn about the appearance, placement and functions of organs, the skeletal system, circulatory system, respiratory system and more.

Vascular Sonography

Classes in vascular sonography teach students about the pathology of the arteries and veins of the body. Students learn how to detect and diagnose diseases of these blood vessels that can lead to conditions such as strokes, aneurysms, pulmonary embolisms, and peripheral arterial diseases.

OB/GYN Sonography

Classes with an emphasis on ob/gyn discuss the related fields of obstetric sonography and gynecologic sonography. Obstetric sonography monitors the condition and progress of a pregnant woman and her fetus, while gynecologic sonography deals with the organs within the pelvic region.

Abdominal Sonography

Students of this discipline learn about the noninvasive imaging to detect and assess medical conditions within the structures and organs of the abdominal area. The liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, spleen and urinary bladder are included in this area of study.

Skills Developed

Students will also gain skills in the following areas:


Students learn to expertly manipulate the ultrasound transducer around areas of the human body, maintain high-tech equipment, and handle other related medical materials.

Data Analysis

Students learn to interpret and analyze data returned by ultrasound frequencies and differentiate between normal and pathologic findings, as well as the various types of phenomena that can occur during imaging such as attenuation artifacts and propagation artifacts.

Computer Skills

In computer skills classes, students are trained in current medical technologies. Students learn to master the software necessary to create and receive ultrasound waves and turn them into readable digital images.


Students are taught how to perform the administrative tasks that go along with the technical ones. Students learn how to record results, prepare various reports, organize tight schedules for specific machines, and participate in the maintenance of laboratory accreditation.


Future sonographers must master the medical dialect in order to properly convey a patient's condition to other medical personnel, deal directly with patients, and properly communicate in a hospital environment.

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