Online Theology Classes

The best online classes in theology give students knowledge about the Old Testament, the New Testament, moral theology, Christology and pastoral ministry. Students will develop skills that make them effective ministers, including leadership, written and verbal communication, judgment and decision making, critical thinking and active listening.

Online Theology Classes

Students will grapple with questions about the creation of the universe, moral goodness and the practices of religious institutions as part of a field that deals with the study of religious texts and thought. Students will read religious texts as well as the scholarly works of theologians and master the skills necessary to lead in a religious community.

Knowledge Gained

Top online courses give students knowledge in areas such as:

New Testament

Students will examine the New Testament of the Christian Bible as well as lessons that readers should take away from it. Classes will touch on the historical context of the New Testament, the life, death and rebirth of Jesus Christ, and the views of Jesus's disciples.

Old Testament

The Old Testament provides great historical and theological value to theology courses. The study of the Old Testament may involve canonical interpretation, multiple forms of criticism and examination of the historical context of ancient Israel.

Moral Theology

Courses also tackle approaches to moral questions about good and evil and ethical behavior. Students learn philosophical counterarguments to the problem of evil, biblical guidelines for moral living and religious moral doctrines such as the principle of double effect.


Theology students look specifically at Jesus Christ's teachings and how to apply them in the modern era. Topics of study in Christology classes include the nature of Jesus's divinity, the virgin birth and Christ's acts and deeds.

Pastoral Ministry

Students also learn the practical side of serving as a pastor, including community service and counseling. Psychological counseling, public speaking, church rituals and the importance of symbols all play a role in theology programs.

Skills Developed

Accredited online classes give students the skills they need to succeed in ministry including:


Theology students are challenged to become leaders in religious communities through service learning, ministerial work and group work. Staff management, family ministry and volunteer work with local churches give students the leadership skills they need to succeed.

Active Listening

Theology majors learn how to listen actively so they can be better counselors and leaders in their religious practices. Students learn communication theory, behavior management and listening approaches for sensitive topics.

Critical Thinking

Students learn critical thinking skills through close reading and moral argumentation. By studying theologians' arguments for good religious behavior, analyzing the meanings of biblical passages and applying moral reasoning to real situations, theology students develop the ability to unpack an argument's assumptions.

Written and Verbal Communication

Through moral philosophy courses, presentations and practical ministering experience, theology students learn strong written and verbal communication skills. Online students develop these abilities by writing arguments in favor of theological positions, conveying religious ideas in presentations and designing ministerial sermons.

Judgment and Decision Making

By learning schools of moral thought and applying them to real situations, students master good judgment and decision making skills. Applying religious moral frameworks, offering religious guidance and directing church staff give students the opportunity to become effective decision makers.

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