Online Technical Writing Classes

This field of study focuses on communicating complex and technical information in writing that is easily understood by a variety of audiences. Unlike creative writing, technical writing uses formal language in a prescribed manner for instruction manuals, assembly guides, and other technical documents. These writers work with experts in fields like engineering, computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, and biotechnology to research a product and then create a document based on the needs and level of understanding of the intended readers.

Knowledge Gained

Students should expect to gain knowledge in a variety of areas, including:

Grammar and Punctuation

Technical writing courses teach students correct word usage, grammar, and punctuation for technical writing. Students will learn to avoid using informal English, choose words to clearly convey precise meanings, and properly punctuate based on the structure of a sentence.

Revising and Editing

Many courses focus on editing and revising as the most important factors in creating well-written documents. Students will have the opportunity to revise and edit documents in steps to improve the overall consistency, prevent missing details, and correct mistakes.


Research courses teach students how to gather necessary information from existing documentation and experts. Students will learn to communicate with experts and customers, and obtain information from them in a professional and personable manner.


Courses that focus on use of formal English teach students how to keep the language clear, precise, and formal without being arrogant. The English language is not used in a personal way in technical writing, as it is in other forms of writing or conversation.

Writing Organization

Writing organization courses emphasize layout and presentation techniques that help readers easily understand content and find desired information. Students learn organizational patterns used in a variety of technical documents.

Skills Developed

Online courses will allow students to gain skills in the following areas:

Written Communication

Students will learn the basics of effective written communication. They will develop strong language and teaching skills, and be able to communicate complex technical information clearly, concisely, and effectively.

Creative Thinking

Students learn creative thinking as a way to generate new ideas by exploring many possible solutions. Students will learn to stimulate creative thinking through processes like brainstorming or convergent thinking, which follows logical steps to arrive at a solution.

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