Online Teaching Classes

The study of teaching addresses the education of children from preschool to high school. Teaching can be focused on a specific age group or a subject, like speech therapy, or it can be general and broach a wide variety of subjects. Some teaching programs include a internship component, which prepares students to qualify for certification.

Knowledge Gained

Once enrolled, students will become familiar with the following subjects:

Child Psychology

Knowledge of child psychology gives students the opportunity to assess a child's physical, mental, emotional, and social development. Lessons focus on the mind and behavior of children to determine how they think and learn.

Curriculum Creation

Students will gain insight into the standards and templates used to determine the specific needs of different age groups. They will also learn to include appropriate teaching methods and assessments in lesson plans to ensure their pupils are learning.

Teaching Methods

To gain success in classroom management, students must be familiar with the different ways of communication information to their pupils. They will learn how to promote classroom participation, and will also develop different tools for learning.


Online teaching classes focus on good English language skills so students can work with children from a broad range of cultural backgrounds. Future educators will learn to teach English as a first or second language.

Human Relations

Some lessons will emphasize human relations, which gives students the opportunity to understand the behavior of people in groups. Understanding group behavior and the amount of structure needed in the classroom for different age groups can improve relationships between teachers and pupils.

Skills Developed

Students will also acquire skills in the following areas:

Active Listening

Students will develop active listening skills as a structured way of communicating with others. The ability to listen actively can demonstrate sincerity, improve relationships with students, reduce misunderstandings, and strengthen cooperation.

Written and Verbal Communication

Classes will also emphasize good written and verbal communication, which will help students deliver information quickly and clearly. Students will tailor their speaking and writing styles based on the age group of a class.

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