Online Sports Management Classes

The study of sports management involves learning the business of athletes and sporting events. Sports management training can be applied to a wide range of careers in professional and amateur sports, such as coaching, managing athletes, event management and team management. Opportunities for people educated in sports management are expected to grow as the sports industry expands its markets for traditional and specialized events.

Online Sports Management Courses - Knowledge Gained

Students taking online courses in sports management will gain knowledge in several areas, including:

Sports Law

Accredited online classes for sports management cover sports law to teach students the legal basis of contracts, labor disputes, antitrust issues and tort law. Areas of more specific training could include sports law pertaining to amateur, professional or international athletes and events.

Consumer Behavior

Top online courses for sports management consider the psychological and social elements of amateur and professional sports. Students will study consumer behavior to improve the economic bottom line for sport providers and establish a basis for consumer participation and enthusiasm at sporting events.


Learning accounting basics in online sports management classes is important for students to understand how to prepare and analyze financial statements for athlete contracts, budgeting, fundraising and sports facility operations. Online sports management classes in managerial accounting will provide an additional level of education for students interested in pursuing executive positions.

Financial Management

Accredited sports management online classes in financial management will stress important strategies for timely and accurate financial reporting, asset management and appropriate use of capital. Students will gain an understanding of activity based costing to identify actual costs of sports management activities, with the potential of eliminating unwanted overhead.


Sports management online courses in marketing will introduce students to the sports promotion industry. Sports management classes online cover marketing concepts, such as advertising, sales management, product development and research techniques, to give students the tools to better understand customers, the marketplace and how athletes interact with consumers.

Online Sports Management Courses - Skills Developed

Online classes for sports management will give students a strong set of occupational skills, including:

Data Analysis

Evaluating data is an important skill students will learn from online classes in sports management in order to determine what the data means and how can it be used. Sound analytical skills help students identify essential data, such as consumer habits to improve ticket sales or an athlete's statistics for establishing benchmarks in contract negotiations.


Sports management courses online emphasize the importance of teamwork, especially in a team based industry, where everyone works together for a common goal. This concept is vital at the coaching or managerial level and also helps create a productive atmosphere for everyone involved in the business or franchise.

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