Online Speech Therapy Classes

Online classes in speech therapy train students in speech and language development, phonetics, audiology, that nature of language, and speech science. Classes provide students with the tools to develop listening, problem solving, organization, research, and observation skills.

Online Speech Therapy Classes

The study of speech therapy, also known as speech language pathology, focuses on identifying and correcting communication disorders. Students learn about the mental and physical aspects of communication. As professionals, students will treat speech disorders ranging in severity from mild, such as stuttering, to more extreme, including disorders resulting from brain injury.

Knowledge Gained

Online classes will provide students with knowledge in many areas, including:

Speech/Language Development

Classes include coursework focused on speech and language development, beginning with the developmental milestones of childhood and continuing through adulthood. Students learn about the difference between speech and language, speech in formal and informal environments, and the relation to literacy.


Phonetics focuses on the physical properties of speech as three branches: articulation, acoustics, and auditory. Students learn about the physical production and transmission of speech as well as how sounds are perceived by listeners.


Audiology courses provide students with information about disorders that can affect hearing and balance. Students learn about the anatomy of the human ear and how to treat the hearing handicapped using hearing aids.

Nature of Language

Speech therapy courses include classes covering the basic skills of language analysis, where students focus on the nature of language and the learning of native languages through academic and cultural practices.

Speech Science

Speech science covers how speech is produced and perceived. Students learn about facial anatomy and neurology as well as the technical aspects of sound and how they are measured.

Skills Developed

Students will also gain skills in the following areas:

Listening Skills

Students learn to use listening skills to diagnose and treat a patient, to identify communication disorders by listening to technical aspects of speech, and to empathize and better guide a patient through the therapy process.

Problem Solving

Problem solving classes teach students to identify the causes of speech disorders and rule out all outside factors. Because specific cases of communication disorders can vary, students learn how to work with other professionals, such as neurologists and psychiatrists, to best treat patients.


Students learn how to keep meticulous and accurate records. Speech therapy classes teach students to keep careful accounts of progress and evaluation of patients in order to develop individualized programs based on each patient's needs.


Students are trained in research methods to prepare them to gather and analyze information about physical and environmental factors affecting speech and language. Students learn methods for analyzing information and observation techniques.


Objective testing and clinical observation is a large part of diagnosing speech disorders. Students learn various observation processes and how to develop treatment plans based on their results.

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