Online Sound Engineering Classes

Online classes in sound engineering teach students the principles of sound and music as well as the techniques to record them effectively. By learning the hardware and software used in accredited online sound engineering classes, students are prepared for careers as diverse as audio engineer, music producer or sound editor, which is the artist who creates the sound palette for Hollywood movies.

Online Sound Engineering Courses - Knowledge Gained

Students taking online courses for sound engineering will gather knowledge in several areas:

Music Theory

The best online courses in sound engineering introduce students to musicology as well as musical analysis, which gives insight into how and why a particular form of music works. Armed with an understanding of music in a historical context and how various genres developed, students are prepared to work with any style of music.


The top sound engineering online classes use one of the most popular and prevalent instruments in the world - the piano - to teach music, sound and acoustics. Students discover that the piano is a practical tool used in most forms of music and for composition and rehearsal.


Students in online sound engineering classes study acoustics, which deals with the property of waves as they apply to sound. Every student learns about room acoustics and how to use the principles of sound waves and reverberation to produce the best sound in venues that range from the recording studio to a concert hall.

Computer Music

Accredited sound engineering online courses show students how computers contribute to almost all modern sound engineering settings. Students also study music that can only be created by computers, exploring the relationship between music, math and technology.

Sound Editing

Students who take the best online classes for sound engineering become familiar with the principles of sound editing along with the relevant computer hardware and software used. Lessons range from the practical, such as how to make a seamless edit in a music track, to the more advanced, such as how to use sound to facilitate emotional impact and narrative momentum.

Online Sound Engineering Courses - Skills Developed

The top sound engineering courses online provide students with several invaluable skills:


Online courses for sound engineering help students develop the interpersonal skills needed to thrive in a team setting. Students learn how to interact with the various business and creative types of the field, including songwriters, singers, studio musicians and producers.

Written and Verbal Communication

Accredited sound engineering classes online teach students how to organize their thoughts to communicate written and spoken messages with accuracy and clarity. Students learn that written communication works better for dense and procedural information and verbal communication can be more effective for motivation.

Creative Thinking

The top online sound engineering classes encourage students to employ the fundamental principles of sound and music in creative and original ways. Students learn to assimilate diverse technologies, genres and techniques, both old and new, to create a professional and artistic result.

Computer Skills

Online schools that have courses in sound engineering familiarize students with the most popular software and hardware used today in recording, mixing and mastering. Students learn how to use digital audio workstations and programs like Pro Tools and Cubase to facilitate their creativity.


Online classes in sound engineering train students to recognize subtle characteristics of sound, including pitch, timbre and distance. Students develop advanced skills such as sound localization, the process of determining the location of a sound, which is integral to sound design in 3D technology.

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