Online Social Work Classes

Classes lay the foundation for careers in health care, education, advocacy, government, counseling and research. Graduates of bachelors or masters in this program can work as direct service social workers, who help people deal with difficult situations and find resources. Individuals with masters in this degree can also become clinical social workers, who diagnose and treat people with mental, behavioral or emotional issues.

Knowledge Gained

Courses provide a solid education in several knowledge areas, including:

Social Welfare

Classes will cover the history and philosophies of social welfare and inform students of the different social service organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Students discuss the social worker's role in creating and implementing social welfare policies and programs and explore the effects of economic, political and societal changes.

Mental Health

Classes provide students with mental health knowledge to prepare them for working with mentally challenged individuals. Students learn about the causes, characteristics, risks and different treatment options and outcomes of mental disorders, and they discuss intervention and referral techniques.

Public Policy

Students in accredited social work online courses become familiar with public policies and services and their effects on society. Classes look at gender, racial ethnic, social class and international policy issues, legal and ethical questions and policy practice techniques at the local, state, federal and international level.

Death and Dying

Students take classes which investigate death and dying from psychological, philosophical, spiritual and cultural viewpoints. Classes examine how children, adolescents, adults and elders respond to death and dying, and students discuss issues related to grief, loss and bereavement and learn coping mechanisms.


In their classes, students learn about the principles and methods for intervention. Classes focused on intervention instruct students on identifying alcoholism and drug abuse in clients and creating intervention plans with cognitive, behavioral and psychodynamic therapeutic approaches.

Skills Developed

Skills that students can expect to gather in accredited online social work classes include:

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Students will learn skills in critical thinking and analysis to make logical and skillful decisions. Critical thinking and analysis skills help students comprehend the core of a problem and take appropriate action quickly, even in stressful situations.

Written and Verbal Communication

Students develop strong written and verbal communication skills in their online courses. Clinical practice and intervention classes share techniques for talking with people who are emotionally distressed, mentally ill or under the influence of substances, while research methods classes require composition writing.

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