Online Small Business Classes

Classes in this subject area online cover planning, organizing, marketing, staffing, resourcing, and all other activities that contribute to running a business efficiently. In addition to learning how to keep all elements of a business aimed toward a unified goal, students discover how to overcome one of the greatest obstacles that small businesses face: managing an entire company with as few as one or two people.

Knowledge Gained

Students gather knowledge in several areas including:


Courses in this field of study teach students how to predict and forecast a company's necessary capital, projected revenue, and profit with a budget. They learn how to use descriptions of a company's resource allocations to prepare for the future and communicate overall goals.


These types of classes also introduce students to e-commerce, which comprises the methods of conducting business transactions over the Internet. They will learn the nuances of e-commerce, its marketing practices, and the specific human resources needs for building and maintaining functionality.

Human Resource Management

The top small business online courses train students to evaluate and manage a company's human resources, which encompasses the totality of workers and their combined skills. They learn to delegate tasks effectively according to workers' skill sets as well as recruit employees who fit the company's needs.

Business Plan Writing

After taking online classes in this area, students will know how to assemble a business plan, which serves as a road map to a company's success. They will be able to describe the people, products or services, target markets, and necessary resources required for a company to reach its goals.

Business Operations

These classes also give students an understanding of the daily tasks and processes that keep a business functioning. They gain the skills to harness all of a company's resources, including workers, intellectual property and equipment, in an optimal fashion to create income or value.

Skills Developed

Students will gain a number of beneficial professional skills as well:


Students learn leadership skills that allow them to motivate workers toward production goals and reaching the overall company vision. These skills involve devising a clear plan and then communicating it effectively.

Time Management

These classes teach principles of time management such as prioritizing goals, eliminating distractions, and allowing for small windows of flexibility in daily schedules. One of the many skills that students will use to save time is effective delegation, which requires follow-up and accountability.

Problem Solving

Students enrolled in these types of courses will be able to take quick and decisive action to solve problems. They will learn to gather relevant information and assess benefits and disadvantages for possible solutions before choosing the best approach.


Most curricula also teach the fundamentals of how promotion and advertising can reach a target audience. In addition to learning traditional marketing, students explore topics in online marketing including display ads, search engine optimization, email marketing, and the role of social media.

Planning and Organizing

These types of classes give students tools that allow them to handle the diverse organizational responsibilities of running a business. Time management, scheduling software, and organizational charts help students sort large amounts of information and plan for the future.

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