Online Six Sigma Classes

This field of study focuses on how to make improvements using data-based analytical methods and statistical tools. Six Sigma is a business management strategy that is sometimes paired with lean manufacturing to add methods for mistake proofing, reduction of waste, and improving flow through a process. The skills learned during this training are used in companies from manufacturing and engineering to operations and executive positions.

Knowledge Gained

Students should expect to gain knowledge in areas such as:

Data Collection Techniques

Courses in this subject area teach students methods for collecting different types of data for the appropriate statistical analysis. Examples of data collection techniques include time and motion studies, database audits, and counts of data demographics.

Project Management

Students will also learn how to plan and manage a project. They are often required to complete a process improvement project as part of the curriculum. This includes an overview of the management of the phases of a Six Sigma project, team formation, facilitation, and setting goals to get results.

Value Added Analysis

These types of classes provide students the tools to identify when an input to a process adds value to the final product or service through change in form, fit, or function and when it does not. The analysis is based on what the customer wants, expects, and is willing to pay for.

Process Mapping

These classes focus on process mapping skills to show the steps in a process as a picture to help people see what really happens. Students learn that a process is a systematic series of actions directed to an ending and learn to draw the steps of a process using shapes such as blocks for action steps and diamonds for decisions.

Hypothesis Testing

Most curriculums also focus on statistical methods like hypothesis testing to check for statistical significance and add more confidence in data for decisions. The t-test, chi square test, and test for equal variance are examples of hypothesis tests students should learn.

Skills Developed

Students will develop valuable professional skills in the following areas as well:


Online courses in this field will teach students how to use creativity techniques like team brainstorming sessions to find solutions for problems. Skills learned include leading the exercise and encouraging participants to be spontaneous and provide ideas.

Problem Solving

In addition, students should learn to solve problems by finding proof of cause and effect before improvement actions. They learn to use data and statistical analysis to discover root causes of problems.

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