Online School Psychology Classes

When studying this degree, students learn how to apply the principles of educational and clinical psychology to diagnose and treat learning and behavioral problems in children and adolescents. By acquiring specialized practice in theories and techniques for reaching school-aged children, students become prepared not only for work in public and private schools but also in clinics, hospitals, correctional facilities, forensic settings, universities and private practices.

Knowledge Gained

Students enrolled in online courses are educated in a number of areas including:

Developmental Psychology

Students will be educated in all aspects of human development, with a particular focus on the stages of childhood and adolescence. By learning how children develop physically, intellectually and emotionally, students gain insight into this particularly vulnerable population.

Social Psychology

Accredited courses help students develop an understanding of the factors that influence the behavior of children in group settings. The study of identity, identification, empathy and group psychology is also covered.

Learning Theories

Students will be instructed in current theories and practices of learning and cognitive development. In particular, investigations of intelligence, memory, language, cognitive strategies and cooperative learning help craft a student's professional approach to their future career.

Child Psychology

Child psychology places special emphasis on the particular developmental challenges that children face through adolescence. Students are taught the differences between treating children and adults as well as how to understand and communicate with younger age groups.

Consultation and Intervention Techniques

Courses teach students how to hold productive consultations with parents, teachers and other school-based teams. Students learn to develop plans for psychological counseling, promote classroom behavioral interventions and encourage positive behavioral support at home.

Skills Developed

Accredited online classes aid students in developing the following skills:

Interpersonal Communication

Classes help students develop methods of clearly communicating with children and their families. Through methods of active listening, developing rapport and interpreting body language, school psychologists employ specialized training to reach children of different ages.


Students will learn to conduct independent research as well as analyze and interpret the studies of others. An increased understanding of statistical and scientific methods allows students to stay current on developments in the field now and in the future.

Planning and Organization

Top classes show students how to design and evaluate programs that benefit students and also develop the skills of colleagues. Students are prepared to function in multiple roles to perform assessment, treatment, consultation, teaching and research.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Students are taught to critically analyze ideas and evidence and to examine the truth of each assumption. Students develop observation, interpretation, inference, evaluation and explanation abilities to further their knowledge base and professional abilities.

Creative Thinking

Students are encouraged to think creatively by discovering alternative and tailored strategies to meet the individualized needs of each child. Students also develop intellectual autonomy and openness while exploring new ways to confront problems.

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