Online RN to MSN Classes

RN to MSN programs are designed for experienced registered nurses hoping to expand their career options with a masters of science in nursing. These courses focus on the study of material beyond the basic foundation of nursing health care and help students prepare for more specialized leadership positions such as nursing educator, nursing administrator, clinical nurse specialist and nurse practitioner.

Online RN to MSN Courses - Knowledge Gained

Students taking online courses for nursing should expect to gain knowledge in a variety of areas including:

Clinical Pharmacology

RN to MSN online courses teach students about the administration of drugs for disease management in a clinical setting. The basic principles and functions of drugs, techniques for drug administration, patient education, emergency situations and the special needs of geriatric and pregnant patients are all topics covered in clinical pharmacology courses.


Pathophysiology classes teach students how abnormal syndromes and diseases affect physical and biochemical functions of the body. In online RN to MSN classes, students cover subjects such health promotion, disease prevention, disease progression and treatment.

Clinical Management

Accredited online classes for nursing teach students how to lead a health team and patient population in a culturally diverse clinical environment through system planning and care development protocols. Fiscal management, communication and nursing organizational theory are just a few topics covered in clinical management courses.

Nursing Research

The best RN to MSN online classes centered on nursing research teach students the research process and how it relates to health and nursing practices. Students learn how to analyze, criticize and interpret current studies on the science of nursing and develop a research proposal focusing on a nursing problem.

Bioethical Decision Making

Bioethical decision making concerns the moral implications of emerging technologies in the health care industry in areas such as abortion, euthanasia and life support. Instead of explaining how certain techniques are administered, these online RN to MSN classes explore whether or not these methods should actually even be used.

Online RN to MSN Courses - Skills Developed

Accredited online RN to MSN classes also help students develop valuable skills in the following areas:

Patient Assessment

Accredited online courses in nursing teach students how to examine a patient's condition to determine which treatments are needed. Through coursework and discussion with professors, students learn how to effectively recognize the signs that call for specific procedures as quickly as possible.

Clerical Skills

Students become proficient at handling the paperwork and office procedures found in medical environments while taking online classes in nursing. By familiarizing themselves with with medical terminology and procedures, students learn how to quickly look through records and recognize potentially fatal errors.

Critical Thinking

In accredited RN to MSN classes online, students learn how to respond to patients' conditions and when to send them to the correct specialist after making complex assessments. Through research and bioethical courses, students are prepared to think on a high level when faced with difficult and unfamiliar situations.

Judgment and Decision Making

Top RN to MSN courses online teach students how to approach challenging problems with unclear solutions in the medical industry. Courses such as clinical management, pathophysiology and bioethics help refine students' ability to think and act quickly so they can make life-saving decisions on the spot.


Taking nursing courses at an online school fosters students' skills in managing patients, health team members and the health clinic as a whole. Clinical management courses teach students how to stay organized in a complex environment, which helps them manage every facet of their lives.

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