Online Risk Management Classes

This field centers on two areas of study: personal and business risk management. In accredited online programs, students learn to identify, anticipate, prevent, and mitigate risks to a business's employees, finances, information, and property. These practices apply to any field, whether it is health care, insurance, non-profit, or security. Financial risk management focuses on controlling risks rather than avoiding them for increased investment profitability.

Knowledge Gained

Students enrolled in these types of courses will gain knowledge in several areas:

Employee Benefits

These classes give students an understanding of employee benefits, including how to design, finance, and manage a benefit plan. Curriculums also involve discussions on employment law, employee rights, health and safety, job security, and worker compensation.

Life and Health Insurance

Most curriculums cover life and health insurance from both theoretical and practical standpoints. Students discuss the different types of insurance and financial risks, and acquire insight into reading and creating insurance contracts, ratemaking, and using life insurance in financial planning.

Retirement Planning

Students interested in financial investment careers can take course work in financial planning for retirement. They learn how to measure client rich propensities and apply time value analysis, while also gaining familiarity with relevant tax codes, laws, and regulations.

Insurance Company Operations

Students also gain insight into the business operations of insurance companies. These classes explore different kinds of insurance, underwriting techniques, policy and contract design, claim adjustments, fraudulent claim protocols, and methods for identifying risk in insurance applicants.


Careers in this field require and strong knowledge of mathematics to analyze statistics and financial data. Students will be required to use complex algebraic formulas to calculate potential investment profits, losses, and outcomes, and to evaluate and reduce unnecessary risks.

Skills Developed

Students develop many practical career skills with these types of courses as well:


These classes enhance leadership skills, especially when it comes to taking action to avoid risk. Classes examine different theories, values, and ethics of leadership and offer the best practices to enable students to effectively lead businesses and organizations in making difficult decisions and putting risk management strategies into action.

Problem Solving

Students also develop strong problem solving skills in these courses. This helps them learn to identify real and plausible problems, analyze different options for risk reduction, avoidance or acceptance, deduct the most logical and least damaging course of action, and put it into play.

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