Online Restaurant Management Classes

The study of restaurant management focuses on how to operate an establishment in the bar or restaurant industry. Students will also gain an understanding of the industry by taking traditional business courses like accounting. Many top online restaurant management classes allow students to choose an area of emphasis, like lodging or casinos. Students will also be encouraged to seek experiential learning through internships or jobs in the restaurant business.

Online Restaurant Management Courses - Knowledge Gained

Accredited online colleges offering restaurant management courses online will provide substantial knowledge of all aspects of the restaurant business, including:

Safety and Sanitation

The best restaurant management classes online centered on safety and sanitation will teach students how to safely run a kitchen. Students will become familiar with all aspects of properly handing food and will also be prepped for a state certification test.

Managerial Accounting

Most accredited online courses for restaurant management require students to take traditional business courses like managerial accounting in order to become familiar with the financial aspects of the hospitality industry. Students will learn to make informed decisions about performance and risk management using the principles of accounting.

Business Law

Business law courses focus on understanding the legal rules that govern the hospitality industry. Students taking these online courses in restaurant management will become familiar with the laws that affect the hospitality business both positively and negatively.

Food Preparation

Online classes for restaurant management involving food preparation will teach students basic cooking and bartending skills. Along with understanding foundational cooking terms, most courses will also focus on the history of food preparation in comparison to how modern kitchens are run.


Restaurant management online courses focused on marketing will offer specific promotion strategies related to the hospitality industry, especially in the realm of tourism. In these online restaurant management classes, students will learn how to properly gauge consumer behavior and how to measure the needs of the customers using market research.

Online Restaurant Management Courses - Skills Developed

Accredited online classes in restaurant management also help students develop and refine useful skills in the following areas:

Interpersonal Skills

Online classes for restaurant management will help students learn to relate to others and develop professional relationships with both colleagues and clients. Students will learn about cultural, social and etiquette practices that can affect these vital relationships.


Students taking restaurant management online classes can expect to learn how to communicate ideas effectively in all areas of the business. They will use these skills to relate to customers and employees, as well as in marketing and advertising.


Accredited online classes for restaurant management will teach students to manage the various aspects of the hospitality industry. Because restaurant management involves both behind the scenes work as well as consumer relations, it is important for students to be prepared to multitask and to properly manage time.


While studying restaurant management courses online, students will pitch in and work with others in order to run a successful business. These classes will teach students the importance of managing responsibilities in order to benefit other team members while working towards a common goal.


The best online classes for restaurant management will teach students to lead a successful team using communication, empowerment and goal setting techniques. Students will learn to lead by example to help employees perform to their highest potential.

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