Online Research and Writing Courses

Every major is different. Not only do you learn different things, you are expected to complete different assignments and analyze questions in different ways. Many high school students become accustomed to completing the same types of assignments and excel in this environment. For them, college can be a huge adjustment. Getting used to the quick pace is hard enough and throwing in unfamiliar coursework is often overwhelming.

These study tools are designed for students confronting unfamiliar problems and struggling to stay current with their classes. Each is tailored to the specific subject it is included in, though there may be some crossover. Study skills for physics courses, for example, would work equally well in chemistry or other mathematically oriented classes. Similarly, some students might find study skills for other types of courses more applicable to their own work, and shouldn’t be afraid to use them. The guidelines are not set in stone, they simply are meant to lead you to increased academic success. Feel free to browse each of the sections to find advice that works for you.