Online Radiology Technician Classes

The study of radiology technology focuses on learning how to perform diagnostic medical imaging examinations using radiation and X rays to capture images of the internal body. Also known as an X ray technician, a radiology technician studies the body positioning and degree of radiation necessary to create high-quality images of the chest, abdomen and skull. An X ray technician may also specialize in performing specific image examinations like sonograms, mammograms or MRIs.

Online Radiology Technician Courses - Knowledge Gained

Students enrolled in online courses in radiology technology can expect to gain expertise in the following areas:

Medical Terminology

Radiology technician online courses ensure that students learn the medical terminology necessary for understanding which direction X rays are entering the body. Medical terms that explain the planes, aspects, and directions of the body are frequently used in the profession.

Radiographic Procedures

Accredited online classes in radiology technology prepare students to manipulate machines and properly position a patient's hip, pelvis or upper body appropriately to create optimal images. The length of time a patient must lie down and the location of the diaphragm during inhalation or exhalation are considerations for following proper protocol.


Students taking top radiology technician courses online learn to produce a variety of body imaging scans using multiple radiology machines. An X ray technician becomes familiar with multiple machines and imaging procedures including CAT, PET and MRI scans, cross-section body scans and mammograms.


The best online radiology technician classes ensure that students know how to use radiographic images as diagnostic tools. Students study the pathology or development of common diseases and learn how to assess radiographic images to identify signs of disease, such as pulmonary edema or pneumonia.

Radiation Safety

In accredited online courses for radiology technology, students study the effects of radiation on human cells and discuss radiation's potential to induce cancer. Special emphasis is placed on how to properly protect themselves and especially pregnant women and women of child-bearing age from radiation overexposure.

Online Radiology Technology Courses - Skills Developed

Students enrolled in online radiology technician classes also develop valuable skills in the following areas:

Computer Skills

Accredited radiology technician online classes heavily emphasize computer skills since radiographic images are both taken and retrieved from computer-controlled devices. Many accredited online colleges also teach medical billing and coding courses since some positions require proper data entry skills.


Students enrolled in radiology technician classes online learn to communicate with patients clearly and gently to ensure patients' safety and keep them comfortable during procedures. Students also learn how to solicit and share medical information with patients.


Online classes for radiology technology prepare students to become members of the allied health care profession and work as members of a health care team. Students gain the skills necessary to take instruction from doctors and work with nurses and medical clerks effectively to ensure the best care of patients.


Radiology technician online courses develop students' ability to sense if a patient is maintaining the proper position to create the best possible image. Students also develop the ability to recognize when a patient is uncomfortable or the medical technology is not working correctly.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Radiology technology students learn to analyze an image, discern if it is acceptable and improve it if necessary. Students also draw on their knowledge of pathology, anatomy and physiology to analyze radiographic images for signs and symptoms of various diseases.

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