Online Public Relations Classes

Most curriculums in this field focus on how to establish and sustain a positive public image for an employer or client. PR specialists in the public and private sector write material for media releases, plan and direct outreach and promotional programs, and participate in fundraising activities. Opportunities for jobs in the industry are predicted to grow 16% to 23% through 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS).

Knowledge Gained

Students will gain knowledge in several areas including:

Mass Communications

Online classes will teach students about media strategies for disseminating information to a broad audience. Areas of focus will include publishing, broadcasting, and digital media, with an emphasis on content analysis of mass communications as a research tool.

TV and Radio Announcing

These classes give students a background in the jobs of broadcast newscasters and radio announcers. Live broadcasts include news reporting, commentary, and entertainment derived from interviews, research, or ad-libbed dialogue.

Public Opinion and Propaganda

Students will also learn how public opinion can be swayed or influenced by the media. Comprehending these principles will help students determine what information is suitable for public consumption and what is manipulative or harmful.

Media Law and Ethics

Accredited online public relations classes will provide a strong knowledge base of media law and ethics. Students will gain an understanding of the legal issues surrounding the First Amendment, copyrights, federal privacy acts, libel and slander, and the accepted use of information and images.


Courses in statistics will introduce students to the broad data available for interpreting trends that may affect an organization. More than just numbers and equations, statistical analysis often provides the groundwork for media reports or operational changes within a company to attract more business.

Skills Developed

This type of course work will also help students develop useful occupational skills including:

Planning and Organization

Courses in this field focus on preparation and planning to ensure that campaigns are carried out smoothly. By learning these skills, students will be able to properly manage several events or projects at once, while improving efficiency and allowing for broader promotional opportunities.


Online classes will prepare students for supervising how a company or client presents its image to the public. These skills could include managing policy decisions that have a positive or negative impact on an organization's public image.

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