Online Public Health Classes

Public health is the study of health issues in aggregate populations. Students in this field learn about disease propagation, health care systems, environmental health and mental health, among other areas. Courses related to communal health challenge students to grapple with current physical and mental wellness issues while also learning how to convey wellness facts to the public.

Knowledge Gained

The best online courses provide students with valuable knowledge in a variety of areas including:

Biostatistical Methods

Students learn how to apply statistics to biology, tracking a variety of wellness factors. Students learn to assess risks statistically, analyze multivariate data sets and create and interpret measures of statistical accuracy.


Investigating the causes of diseases constitutes a major component of studying communal health. Students conduct epidemiological fieldwork, track data on epidemics and research the origins of a variety of health issues.

Environmental Health

Studies in environmental health explore the link between human health and environmental health issues. Students learn about air pollution, particulate matter, the climate, environmental contamination, hazardous waste, susceptible populations, and scientific aspects of policy decisions.

U.S. Health Care System

Online public health classes teach students about the structure and dilemmas behind the American health care system. Students learn how the American health care system operates, who is involved in running it and how government and corporate policies affect the field.

Psychological, Behavioral and Social Issues

Students learn how psychological and behavioral issues are linked to health problems on a public scale and challenge students to address them. Students learn to identify and assess public psychological risks, find the causes of these risks, and inform the public about them.

Skills Developed

Courses online arm students with crucial skills such as:

Interpersonal Skills

An education in a health-related field will teach students to communicate effectively, which is vital to successful informational campaigns in public health. Students learn to present findings in an informed but accessible manner through media literacy, educational design, and health literacy courses.


Because health professionals may assume managerial roles, students must learn skills like efficiency management, long-term succession planning and leadership to ensure their success in these fields.


Teamwork is essential to carry out large health campaigns and epidemiological studies. Accredited online courses online involve group assignments as well as study the historical role of teamwork in health contexts, preparing students for work in a field that requires considerable collaboration.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Students will learn necessary critical thinking skills to analyze health-related data sets and determine the effectiveness of informational campaigns. Students learn to work through health situations with lots of physical, mental and social variables, and carefully pick out those which are most relevant.

Planning and Organization

The informational component of communal health requires students to plan media campaigns and strategically market health ideas. Students master the concepts behind media planning, strategic communication and raising awareness.

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