Online Psychology Classes

This social science is centered on understanding the workings of the human mind and human behavior. Academic psychology seeks to understand and explain thought, emotion and behavior. Applied psychology, on the other hand, involves using psychological principles to solve actual life or business problems.

Knowledge Gained

Students should expect to gain knowledge in a variety of areas including:

Abnormal Psychology

Students will learn how to recognize and evaluate patterns of thought, behavior or emotion that are considered unacceptable by society as a whole. Depression, obsession, compulsion, sexual deviation and eating disorders are examples of areas studied.

Biological Psychology

Students will study of human reactions to internal and external stimuli. In these online psychology courses, students learn about the function of the brain and nervous system in activities such as thinking, learning, feeling, sensing and perceiving.

Developmental Psychology

Students will learn how people grow and change physically, socially, emotionally and mentally as they age. Changes in areas such as motor skills, problem solving abilities, moral understanding, language acquisition and identity formation over a person's lifetime are examples of areas studied.

Personality Psychology

Personality psychology covers the thoughts, feelings and behavior that make each person unique. The study of disorders such as paranoid, antisocial or narcissistic personality disorders are covered in courses.

Social Psychology

Students will learn how to use scientific methods to examine how and why people think, feel and behave in the way they do depending who they are with. Courses explore topics such as group behavior, social perception, leadership, nonverbal behavior, conformity, aggression and prejudice.

Skills Developed

The best online psychology classes aid students in developing valuable skills in the following areas:

Problem Solving

Students learn how to identify, understand and systematically solve problems involving human behavior and mental processes. Students will also learn how to view issues from a variety of perspectives and be trained in different strategies to use in analyzing these issues and coming up with practical solutions.

Statistical Analysis

While taking online classes, students can expect to gain the skills necessary to interpret data and understand statements of probability. They also learn statistical procedures and processes.


In their classes, students will receive training in research methods to equip them to systematically gather and evaluate information about human experience and behavior. Students learn qualitative analysis techniques, experimental and observational methods and survey and sampling procedures needed in careers.

Interpersonal and Environmental Awareness

Students will learn how to better understand and evaluate a person's environment and interactions with others. Through the study of stimulus-response perspectives, nonverbal signaling, habit formation and social appropriateness, students will understand how one's environment can influence his or her behavior in different settings.

Critical Evaluation

As students progress through their online classes, they learn how to question evidence, so as not to come to the easy and quick solution, but to the right solution. They learn how to critically evaluate the quality of arguments, identify shortcomings and anticipate problems.

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