Online Property Management Classes

Property management courses will focus on the oversight and operations of commercial and residential real estate. Through these courses, students will learn about management, property valuation and the development of residential and commercial property. Top online courses for property management train students in the legal, financial, technical and economic aspects of property management, as well as tenant and employee relations.

Online Industrial Design Courses - Knowledge Gained

In online classes for property management, students are presented with a wide range of knowledge, including:

Landlord/Tenant law

Accredited property management online courses review relevant laws regarding the rights and duties of tenants and landlords. In these classes, students will receive detailed training in the complex structure of landlord and tenant law, including explanations in property, contracts and disabilities, which shape business relationships between landlords and tenants.


Property management classes online include finance courses that explore asset management and real estate investment finance. These property management courses online will review topics such as real estate ownership, investment portfolio diversification, asset valuation and enhancement, costs, taxes and the basics of lending and current lending practices.


Students in accredited online property management classes will take courses in accounting, which will emphasize responsible fiscal returns and long term longevity. Issues reviewed in these courses will include basic income statements, financial statements, annual reports, lease abstracts and income and expense budgeting.

Safety and Environmental Issues

Online classes in property management will introduce students to renewable energy technologies and systematic approaches for addressing safety and environmental issues. Relevant topics will include reducing risk in properties, sustainable development, combined heat and power systems, refuse rooms and biomass heating.

Maintenance Management

Online courses in property management will include classes in maintenance management, which will train students in preventative and ongoing maintenance, repairs and corrective actions. Subject areas will include facilities maintenance, service specifications, regular services to airway and heat systems in buildings and landscape maintenance.

Online Information System Courses - Skills Developed

Accredited online property management classes will hone a range of critical skills needed in property management, including:


Online courses in property management will strengthen students' research abilities by teaching systematic methods to use while researching. Topics include databases for current industry overviews and trends, social inclusion and environmental issues and financial assessments of properties.


In property management courses, students will sharpen observational skills in order to better assess a range of scenarios in property management involving finance and real estate. These courses will examine observational and case studies in multiple disciplines, including business management, customer service and facilities management.

Verbal Communication

The best property management online classes will emphasize and strengthen students' skills in verbal communication through a range of interactive exercises. Students will build skills in managing successful discussions and communication forums with coursework that articulates a range of scenarios with homeowners, residents and tenants, investors, asset managers and appraisers.

Problem Solving

Accredited online collegesthat offer classes in property management will focus on problem solving skills to help manage retail and residential real estate properties. Subjects will include solving tenant complaints, commercial lease negotiations, demolition and eviction scenarios.

Judgment and Decision Making

The top property management online courses will emphasize the vital role of judgment and decision making in property management by articulating a wide range of decision making frameworks for investment planning and management. Students will learn to apply efficient processes of decision making to asset management, real estate retail negotiation and sustainable development scenarios.

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