Online Project Management Classes

This area of study focuses on the planning, organization, and oversight for all stages of a project to produce a specific outcome, service, or item. Students will learn to manage the team, resources, budget, risks and schedule. Individuals taking classes in this field can earn certifications and degrees from accredited online colleges, which may lead to careers in construction, architecture, or software design, among others.

Knowledge Gained

These type of classes provide students with knowledge in several areas including:

Team Dynamics

Most curricula offer coursework in team dynamics. Students explore the principles of creating effective teams, study group dynamics, and cultivate skills for managing people with differing personality types and skill levels.

Quality Management

Students will become familiar with product quality management (PQM) processes as well. These include the development of quality policies, objectives, and responsibilities to ensure the project succeeds to stakeholder and customer expectations.

Risk Management

Students study the principles of risk management, learning to identify, anticipate, and manage risks. Risk management courses teach them proactive methods for approaching and dealing with threats and opportunities in order to achieve the best possible results.

Planning and Control

By taking online courses that cover planning and control, students become proficient at using operations research tools and techniques to help them create realistic plans. They learn to anticipate resource requirements, develop contingency plans, and avoid delays and bottlenecks.

Project Procurement

Programs in this field also educate students on the principles and processes of project procurement. They learn about plan purchasing and acquisitions, plan contracting, contract administration, contract closure, and other key practices for skillful procurement of project goods and services.

Skills Developed

Students acquire many skills for success in this area of study including:


The type of courses help students develop strong capabilities in analysis. They scrutinize the theories and applications of project management and analyze business systems, activities, and statistics in order to solve problems and carry out work efficiently.


Students will also develop skills in planning, estimating, and managing a project budget. They discuss cost estimation methods and break even analysis while learning the best practices for outsourcing, vendor selection, and contract negotiation to control costs.

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