Online Private Investigator Classes

During their studies, students will learn how to undertake investigatory procedures and related law services. In these classes, students will explore subject areas essential to their desired line of work, including insurance fraud and criminal defense. Courses will also train students to efficiently and effectively gather information for a range of sectors that includes finance, corporate business, and insurance.

Knowledge Gained

Experienced professors will provide students with knowledge in the following critical areas:

Criminal Law

Students will learn the ins and outs of the criminal procedure used when charging, trying, and sentencing imprisoned defendants. They will also become familiar with the regulations used to investigate, charge, and try suspects. Classes will also review procedure and policy as it concerns significant areas of criminal law prosecution and defense.

Loss Prevention

Individuals on this academic track will also learn about loss prevention. They will discover procedures and business practices that prevent the loss of inventory and profit in retail and corporate businesses. Students will learn about loss prevention functions and the distinctions between loss prevention specialties.

Criminal Investigation

The curriculum will also teach students the roles of criminal investigation in cases, including consumer product tampering, organized crime, and serial offenses. These classes will familiarize students with established resources and procedures, as well as techniques and evidence-related tactics.

Corporate Investigation

Courses in corporate investigation will assess and examine investigatory resources, such as analytic and forensic accounting technology that is necessary to investigate business improprieties. Classes will offer a diverse range of courses in corporate investigation, including how to conduct asset searches, embezzlement investigations and due diligence investigations.

Civil Law

Students on this track will study civil law, the U.S. codified legal system, and primary sources of law that are relevant in certain cases. Students will be taught abstractions and formulations that shape civil law, as well as its practical and essential distinctions from common and procedural law.

Skills Developed

Students in this field will also gain a wide variety of skills, which include:


Coursework will provide students with the opportunity to hone systematic observation skills fundamental in this field. This includes organized approaches to observing people, events and places, as well as learning how to plan, prepare, and conduct successful observation posts.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Thorough, accredited courses will strengthen students' skills in critical thinking and analysis as it relates to a range of investigative services, such as product liability investigations and asset searches. Through these courses, student will learn to use logic and reasoning in order to successfully analyze investigative details and critical information from documents, such as public records and legal filings.

Time Management

As deadlines are crucial in criminal investigations and procedures, courses in time management will teach students how to approach and analyze evidence and assignments with increased time efficiency. These courses will utilize task management and delegation methods commonly used during investigating procedures.

Planning and Organization

Students will hone their planning and organizing skills essential for monitoring and maintaining records and performing undercover operations. Through these courses, students will learn how to prepare long-term and short-term action plans for investigations, engage in proactive planning and differentiate between urgent and less urgent action items.


Students will gain experience with a range of research tools and procedures, including researching computer database, credit reports, public records and tax filings. Students will also learn how to use research skills to compile information dossiers through information processing activities, such as coding and auditing.

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