Online Physics Classes

The best online courses in physics provide students with an understanding in several areas of physics including thermodynamics and kinetic theory, optics, mathematics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics. In these courses, students will advance their skills in computers, data analysis, teamwork, research and problem solving.

Online Physics Classes

The science of physics is concerned with the dynamic relationship between matter and energy. Courses will cover a wide range of related topics including momentum, mechanics, heat energy, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, atomic and nuclear physics and optics. Successful physicists may find careers as medical physicists, astronomers, electro-optic, noise and system safety engineers, research and academic professors, aircraft commanders and even intermediate highway designers.

Knowledge Gained

Students will gain knowledge in several academic subjects including:

Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory

Students will learn about thermodynamics and kinetic theory, which is the branch of physics that studies heat and energy, heat transfer and other thermal processes. Courses in thermodynamics and kinetic theory will include the four laws of thermodynamics and the basic behavior of macroscopic systems, including pressure and temperature.


Students will learn about the branch of physics that studies light and vision. That said, students will learn about the absorption, dispersion, diffraction, and polarization of light in addition to electromagnetic radiation, optotechnics, x rays and microwaves.


All programs will include mathematics, which allows for physics ideas and discussions to be expressed, understood and solved in mathematical form. Students can expect to cover calculus, probability theory and statistics, linear algebra, Fourier analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations and vectors.


Quality programs will cover electromagnetism, or the branch of physics concerned with the interaction of electric and magnetic fields and the magnetism produced by electric currents. Such electromagnetic courses will cover electricity, magnetism, electrodynamics, electromagnetic radiation, electrostatic fields, waveguides, cavities and Maxwell's equations.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics will teach the principles and theories concerning the structure and behavior of atoms, molecules and other elementary particles that do not obey Newtonian mechanics. This course will also teach students to understand angular momentum and spin, functions in position and momentum space, Schrodinger's equation and hydrogen atoms.

Skills Developed

Students enrolled in accredited online physics classes will also develop the following valuable skills:

Computer Skills

Students will increase their knowledge and proficiencies in computer use and programming. Students will work with software and programming languages to solve physics problems, view complex physics visualizations and engage in discussion.

Data Analysis

Instructors will teach students how to use analytical and logical reasoning to evaluate data. Online physics courses will require students to properly collect, review and analyze data in order to find intelligent solutions to physics problems.


Although instructed online, students will be encouraged to work in teams. Students will be required to collaborate on research projects in order to improve their understanding of the laws of physics and learn how to use the LabVIEW software program, the industry standard for laboratory automation.


Students will also develop advanced analytical research skills. Students will be expected to apply the scientific method to their physics projects to collect and explain data, create hypotheses and draw conclusions.

Problem Solving

A quality physics program emphasizes abstract thinking and problem solving. Since the study of physics involves the ongoing discussion and investigation of the natural interaction of matter and energy, skills that assist in understanding, discussing, and promoting problem solving will be required.

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