Online Physician Assistant Classes

The study of physician assisting prepares individuals to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician or a surgeon. Physician assistants are trained professionals who perform a wide variety of medical services in nearly every health specialty and in all health care settings. By studying physician assisting, students will learn to examine patients, take medical histories, diagnose illnesses, order lab tests, prescribe medications and advise patients on treatment plans.

Online Physician Assistant Courses - Knowledge Gained

Students taking online courses for physician assisting should expect to acquire expertise in several areas, including:

Anatomy and Physiology

Top physician assistant classes online will emphasize both anatomy and physiology to teach students how the human body works. Students will study the form and functions of the various systems of the human body, which are both essential to the understanding of how the body's components work together.

Infectious Diseases

In physician assistant courses online students learn how to detect infectious diseases by taking a medical history or performing a physical examination as the first step towards a diagnosis. Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, meningitis, respiratory infections and measles are some of the infectious or communicable diseases studied online in physician assistant classes.


Online classes for physician assistant majors will teach pharmacology, which is the scientific study of drug action on biological systems. Students can expect to learn the sources, properties, dosages and side effects of drugs, as well as how the human body and drugs react with one another.

HIPAA Rules and Regulations

The best physician assistant online classes will stress a complete understanding of the HIPAA rules and regulations of the United States government. Online classes for physician assisting emphasize insurance coverage portability, electronic health care transactions, national identifiers and patient healthcare quality, privacy and safety standards.

Patient Counseling

By enrolling in physician assisting online classes, students will learn how to educate others about health and how to promote healthy patient behaviors. Students will gain knowledge of counseling issues handled by physician assistants, including wellness, disease prevention, substance abuse, sexuality and cultural differences, and will study theories of psychopathology and personality.

Online Physician Assistant Courses - Skills Developed

Accredited online physician assistant classes also help students develop constructive skills in the following areas:


Accredited online courses in physician assisting teach students non medical administrative skills that are essential to a medical setting. Students will learn how to manage office staff, supervise technicians and medical assistants, order medical supplies and equipment and understand the legality of medicine.

Judgment and Decision Making

While taking online physician assistant classes, students should expect to be taught how to make decisions and to proceed with diagnoses based on personal medical knowledge and skills. Students will learn to make informed, front line decisions to identify a patient's health issues and form logical conclusions.


In accredited online classes in physician assisting, students learn about the organizational skills necessary to the job through case studies of office management. Students will develop the ability to schedule the patient caseload, document patient treatment in files and undertake any other clerical duties assigned to them.

Written and Verbal Comprehension

Online colleges can teach students verbal and written communication in medicine by working on projects in the virtual classroom and training with physicians on site. Students will discover how to translate patient health issues from an oral examination or medical history into suitable written medical terminology to document the diagnosis, therapy and treatment progress.


Students enrolled in online physician assistant classes are taught observation skills through study and experience. Students will have to closely watch medical demonstrations and experiments and also learn to observe patients accurately at a distance or close at hand.

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