Online Physical Therapy Classes

The study of physical therapy focuses on diagnosing and helping patients who experience injuries, disease, inherited disorders or natural aging. Physical therapy couples a strong knowledge of anatomy with empathy and in depth patient interaction. Studies will center on basic sciences, with an emphasis on biology and physical impairment. Students also receive training to enhance patient interactions by effectively and compassionately directing patients in rehabilitative exercises.

Online Physical Therapy Courses - Knowledge Gained

Online courses for physical therapy prepare students for clinical work with a wide range of knowledge, including:

Gross Anatomy

Top physical therapy online courses include classes in human anatomy, with an emphasis on what causes impairment and pain. Students learn about musculature and the body's framework, which lays the foundations for pinpointing exercises and activities to ease aches, rehabilitate injuries and help patients regain motor skills.

Clinical Exercise Physiology

An important element of physical therapy courses online is the study of how the body responds to exercise. Students learn how nerves, muscles and the heart are affected by different types of physical activity and how these changes can be harnessed for long term benefits to patients.


Online classes for physical therapy will focus heavily on studying the human nervous system and how it relates to other biological functions. Students will discover how nerves transmit information to the rest of the body to control movement and will focus on diagnosing impairments and problems based on observed symptoms.


The best physical therapy online classes train students about the underlying science behind human movement. Students will apply the foundations learned in other courses such as biology, anatomy and neuroscience to look at the overall picture of the body's motor functions.

Sports Therapy

Students studying physical therapy will become well versed in specific sports related injuries to treat athletes and causal participants. Students may learn how to effectively rehabilitate injured athletes and develop programs that focus on short term recovery tactics and long term exercise regimes.

Online Physical Therapy Courses - Skills Developed

Accredited online physical therapy classes will train students to develop the following set of skills:


Accredited online courses in physical therapy will emphasize the importance of observing issues and noting progress while working with patients. Students will gain an understanding of how to identify problem areas, favored limbs and symptoms of pain.

Judgment and Decision Making

Students enrolled in online physical therapy classes can expect to effectively gauge the impact of exercises on patients in order to make strong decisions for extended therapy regimes. Students become skilled at assessing the patient's current status and short term progress to select long term choices for treatment.

Interpersonal Skills

Accredited online classes in physical therapy stress the importance of the relationship between patients and therapists by teaching students compassion, sensitivity and engagement. Students will develop valuable lifelong tools, including active listening skills, engaging in conversation and taking non verbal cues.

Critical Thinking

Online colleges that teach physical therapy ensure that students are prepared to analyze, assess and predict situations. Students learn how to make important decisions about patient therapy based on past experience, observations and applying knowledge about the human body.

Written and Verbal Comprehension

While enrolling in physical therapy classes online, students will be able to refine communication skills that translate into creating a personalized therapy experience. Students learn how to effectively relate to clients, giving motivating guidance in the office while also stressing the importance of therapeutic practices at home.

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