Online Physical Therapy Assistant Classes

The study of physical therapy assisting focuses on supporting a physical therapist to help patients recover from injuries, illnesses and surgery to regain movement and manage pain. Due to the practical, hands on nature of physical therapy, many accredited online courses for physical therapy assisting require laboratory work at a site determined by the school, in addition to online physical therapy assistant classes.

Online Physical Therapy Assistant Courses - Knowledge Gained

Physical therapy assistant online courses help students develop a variety of knowledge, including:

Gross Anatomy

Students will study gross anatomy, also known as macroscopic anatomy, which is the study of the organs and body structures that are visible to the naked eye. While taking online classes in physical therapy assisting, students will gain a thorough understanding of the mechanics of anatomy through dissection, endoscopy, angiography, x ray and MRI.

Clinical Exercise

The best online courses in physical therapy assisting will teach students the types of physical exercises that are critical to patient recovery. Students enrolled in physical therapy assistant classes online may also learn clinical procedures, such as measuring strength and flexibility and monitoring blood pressure.

Neuroscience Physiology

Students in top physical therapy assistant online classes will study and work with patients with movement dysfunction that is caused by disease or nerve damage. By taking accredited physical therapy assistant courses online students will focus on neuroscience physiology, which may cover mammalian and comparative physiology as well as cellular, systems, developmental and computational neurobiology.


Online colleges offering assistant physical therapy classes include the subject of kinesiology, which is the study of biological movement, performance, and function. This knowledge is particularly important for students looking to work in sports and occupational therapies and will serve as a foundation for the study of clinical exercise.

Sports Therapy

The best online classes for physical therapy assisting provide instruction in the growing field of sports therapy and rehabilitation. Students learn to assist physical therapists to create rehabilitation programs for injured athletes and train patients on how to use home based wellness strategies.

Online Physical Therapy Assistant Courses - Skills Developed

Students enrolled in physical therapy assistant online classes can expect to develop essential skill sets, which include:


Most online physical therapy assistant classes require students to spend a number of course hours observing the physical therapy process in a clinical setting. Students will study to become quick observers to accurately understand and address injuries and patient tolerance levels.

Judgment and Decision Making

By studying live patients and assisting physical therapists in a clinical setting, students will develop sound judgment and decision making skills. Students will discover when and how to intervene if an exercise is ineffective or harmful to the patient.

Interpersonal Skills

Students taking physical therapy assistant online classes will learn interpersonal skills that are vital for communication and earning a patient's trust. Coursework will have students collaborate with others, participate in group projects and observe the relationship between a physical therapist and patient.

Critical Thinking

Physical therapy classes will teach students the critical thinking skills necessary to distinguish fact from opinion and bias from reason. In Accredited online assistant physical therapy classes, students will learn to carefully monitor the prescribed type and level of activity after carefully assessing each patient's individual needs and limitations.

Written and Verbal Comprehension

Understanding written and verbal instructions are essential skills that students will hone in all aspects of patient care. Students in accredited classes for physical therapy assisting learn to accurately read prescriptions and instructions for therapeutic devices and to communicate clearly when instructing patients on their use.

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