Online Photography Classes

Photographers capture still, visual representations of the world around them on film or in digital format. Images may be in color or black and white. Formal education enables students to master their artistic abilities while developing a technical skill set.

Knowledge Gained

Online classes can help aspiring photographers refine their technique in the following areas:

Color Theory

To best capture a color image, photographers must possess an understanding of color theory. Courses in color theory teach the technical skills of mixing colors, adjusting hue and saturation, and experimenting with light and shadow through the use of lens filters. Students will also learn to manipulate images through digital photo-editing software.

Black and White Photography

Courses in this area can help students exercise artistic observation and an appreciation for composition, and texture. Students will also learn the importance of chiaroscuro, which is tonal contrast used to create depth.


Portraiture is the photography of people or animals. Portrait photos are usually taken in a studio, although sessions may also be set outdoors or at other un-staged locations. Portrait photographers use various photographic techniques, such as butterfly lighting or high-angle shooting, to capture flattering images that meet their clients' needs and expectations.


Successful photographers use natural and artificial light to convey an artistic message or to highlight a focal point in a frame. Online instructors will coach students on how and when to use equipment such as lens filters, flashes, lamps, and umbrellas. Students will work in a range of lighting conditions, including indoor light, natural outdoor light, and the light created by various weather conditions.

Photo Development and Digital Processing

Students interested in traditional film photography learn about darkroom processing using photo developing chemicals and materials. Students will also learn to use photo-editing software programs including Photoshop, After Effects and Digital Darkroom.

Skills Developed

Besides improving technical skills, an accredited online photography course will enrich a student's artistic and cognitive skills:


The artist's vision is the key to a compelling photograph. From capturing detail in a coiled rope to framing a panorama to its best advantage, students will sharpen their artistic instincts by observing and evaluating the world around them.

Photographic Composition

Beyond a keen eye, the study of composition offers fundamental skills for students who want to elevate a casual snapshot to an artistic image. Students will learn to control the spacing and framing of subject matter in order to control the outcome of the shoot.

Judgment and Decision Making

Students will not only develop a technical skill set, but also the ability to assess the moment for its photographic potential. Even if using automatic or digital equipment, the student will exercise sound judgment in what equipment they choose, their editorial frame of reference, and how they respond to both technical and artistic constraints.

Creative Thinking

Through the practice of artistic and technical discipline, students will employ creative thinking throughout their studies.

Interpersonal Skills

Photographers are often hired or commissioned to realize the vision of others. Online programs can also teach students to act with professionalism, communicate clearly, and balance the needs of those who commission their work with artistic integrity.

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