Online Phlebotomy Classes

Students in online phlebotomy classes study the practice of drawing blood and other fluids from patients as well as anatomy, physiology and medical terminology. Accredited online courses for phlebotomy pair an extensive theoretical curriculum on medical science with a short but intensive hands-on practicum at a local medical center that prepares the student to enter the world of medical practice.

Online Phlebotomy Courses - Knowledge Gained

Top phlebotomy online courses prepare students with knowledge of areas such as:

Medical Terminology

In online classes in phlebotomy, students need to read and understand medical jargon, and jobs in the field require thorough knowledge of specific terminology. Online classes for phlebotomy teach students terms used in medical diagnosis, blood tests and laboratory management.

Anatomy and Physiology

Students in phlebotomy courses online must learn about the complexity of the human body and how their work is affected by bodily systems. Phlebotomy students study the anatomy of the body, the circulatory system and how other bodily systems interact with it.

Lab Techniques

The best online phlebotomy classes prepare students for fieldwork with a focus on blood sample analysis and professional responsibilities. Lab practices, basic tests and handling procedures are taught first in the classroom and later in practice examinations through local health organizations.


Phlebotomy classes online teach basic psychology principles as they relate to students' practical skills, with a focus on mental health, patient relations and phobias. Knowledge of clinical and behavioral psychology develop students' bedside manner and interactions with patients.


Accredited phlebotomy online classes familiarize students with biomedical ethics, focusing on practical application. Students learn about ethical duties in medical professions, including the Hippocratic oath, employee obligations, primary care ethics, clinical behavior and patient confidentiality.

Online Phlebotomy Courses - Skills Developed

Accredited online courses in phlebotomy teach students professional skills including:

Data Analysis

Students of phlebotomy in online colleges learn how to analyze sets of medical data through lab work. Looking for various health indicators in blood samples, interpreting test results and making recommendations to health professionals give students good habits for successful data analysis.

Drawing Blood

Phlebotomy courses online and their required offline practicums prepare students to draw blood regularly through a variety of methods. Students learn several different methods for drawing blood from a patient, including capillary puncture, venipuncture and incision, as well as when it is most effective to use each method.

Time Management

Phlebotomy students learn how to manage time through a short, intensive curriculum and laboratory practicum courses. Students in online phlebotomy classes learn how to work quickly and efficiently in a laboratory setting without compromising results.

Critical Thinking

Phlebotomy students learn critical thinking skills through the analysis of medical data and medical problems. Students in phlebotomy classes online learn how to quickly distinguish relevant information from a data set and apply it to a patient's medical situation.


Phlebotomy classes online, especially those covering anatomy or the circulatory system, require extensive memorization of body parts and systems. Students develop the ability to memorize large sets of data, including blood vessel locations, roles of organs in bodily systems and names of body parts.

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