Online Pharmacy Technician Classes

The study of pharmacy technology teaches the pharmaceutical techniques, terminology, and law necessary to become a pharmacy technician to assist a licensed pharmacist in a hospital or retail pharmacy. Students will learn the general and specific duties of this job, which include providing customer service, preparing medication, accepting payment for prescriptions, and verifying order accuracy. Most programs will prepare students to sit for the certification examination.

Knowledge Gained

Students should expect to gain knowledge in a variety of areas, including:


Most courses are centered on the subject of pharmacology and will educate students on the effects that drugs have on people. Students will study positive effects such as a reduction in symptoms as well as negative side effects and allergic reactions.


Courses will also cover chemistry as it relates to how a drug is properly prepared and given to a patient. Lessons include the study of chemical interactions and how to construct the proper mix for a drug to ensure proper dosage amount and frequency.

Pharmacy Law

Students need to know the laws and regulations that govern pharmacy technicians. They will learn about the mechanisms in place to protect patient safety and how much the government is involved in regulating the operation of pharmacies.

Human Relations

The art of interacting and relating to the public is key to this field. Students are educated on how to be polite and empathetic to customer needs, remain patient when dealing with complaints, and communicate effectively.

Medical Terminology

Students will learn the medical terminology needed to enter this profession. General pharmacy terminology, prescription wording, and generic and brand drug names are just a few of the topics covered in these classes.

Skills Developed

During training, students will improve their science knowledge and develop many valuable skills, including the following:

Record Keeping

Students learn how to keep, maintain, and update patient records while in school. Pharmacy technician students will learn what records must be maintained by the pharmacy, including dates a prescription was filled, how much of a drug is dispensed, the dosage and how many refills may be necessary.

Customer Service

Delivering prompt and proper customer service is key to succeeding in this profession, therefore students will learn how to diffuse tense situations and resolve problems in a quick and efficient manner to serve a client's needs and interests.


Students will receive management training that will help them perform well while in a position of authority in a pharmacy environment. Students are taught to manage resources, time, and fellow personnel in an efficient and effective manner.

Judgment and Decision Making

Through hands-on experience and training, students will learn how to prioritize their workload and interpret and analyze data that is relevant to taking orders and filling prescriptions.

Planning and Organization

Students enrolled in pharmacy technician classes online are taught the importance of preparation in order to handle all possible scenarios when working in a pharmacy. Students will develop the ability to ensure proper resources are available, records and goods are organized, and cleanliness is up to standards.

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