Online Organizational Psychology Classes

Knowledge Gained

Students taking online classes in this major should possess the following knowledge upon finishing their coursework:

Personnel Selection

Online courses in this degree help prepare students recruit personnel for various companies and organizations. After completing degree classes online, students can help organizations place ads, screen applicants, make hiring decisions and help in college recruiting.


Students taking psychology courses online quickly learn that leadership is an important aspect of group dynamics and that a strong leader will stimulate group performance. Students also learn to help companies and institutions recognize leaders capable of motivating a group and communicating a shared vision.

Training in Organizations

Top online courses prepare students to train members of organizations and companies. Students completing their degree courses learn to design training programs that help evaluate and utilize new members' skills within the framework of a group.

Performance Measurements and Rewards

Performance measurements enable students to distinguish top-performing group members while determining which members need more training or possible replacement. Students will learn to offer feedback and rewards for exceptional achievement to encourage the performance of individual group members and strengthen the group as a whole.

Work Motivation and Attitudes

Online classes in organizational psychology prepare students to understand ways that groups are motivated and assess the attitudes of individuals and the overall group. Students learn to recognize the negative and positive attitudes of members, which can influence an entire organization.

Skills Developed

Accredited online classes in this degree aid students in developing valuable skills in the following areas:


Students will learn to lead others and encourage them to perform well within a group. In order to influence the organizations they are trying to help, students study how to identify leadership and exert it themselves when training managers and employees.


An important aspect of organizational psychology is learning how to motivate others. Students completing online classes in this degree will learn how to motivate employees and other group members to work together, as well as to motivate managers and leaders who might be resistant to change.

Judgment and Decision Making

Learning how to effectively evaluate and make decisions is an important skill learned in online courses for this major. Many decisions that students make in their professional career will have a great impact on the lives of individual employees as well as entire organizations.

Interpersonal Skills

Strong interpersonal skills facilitate good communication, which is essential to a successful career in this field. Students learn how to socialize and communicate within a group and gain techniques for developing the interpersonal skills of group members.

Written and Verbal Communication

An important part of these courses is teaching students to communicate effectively in writing and speaking. As students progress through courses, both skills are tested extensively, as communication is the most important tool in a psychologist's arsenal.

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