Allied Health

Allied health occupations make up more than half of the workforce in the healthcare industry. In fact, every time you see a doctor, you interact with allied health workers like dental hygienists, phlebotomists, EMTs and radiology technicians. So whether you want to start a career behind the scenes or assisting people on the front lines of healthcare, you can bone up on dozens of allied health subjects through Online College Classes. Choose a subject from the list on the right to discover free allied health courses today.


They say love makes the world go ‘round, but we’re pretty sure business has a lot to do with it too. Maybe you see yourself jet setting to lunch with your executive partners in Milan. Or perhaps your dream is to start your own small business. Whatever you want to do, you will need business smarts and skills to accomplish your goals in the competitive marketplace. Check out the free online college courses in a variety of business subjects like accounting, finance, international business and risk management today.

Computer And Technology

Few fields are growing as swiftly as the technology industry. Don’t risk getting left behind in this rapidly evolving industry when you could be starting your education today with the free educational resources offered by Online College Classes. You can choose from highly technical subjects like computer science, web development and information technology (IT). Or, indulge your creative side through online computer animation and game development courses. It’s never too early to start online technology college classes and get a leg up on your peers.

Culinary Arts

Wait a minute…online culinary classes? Yes, they do exist. And yes, you can find them here. In fact, you can choose from a multitude of cooking resources at Online College Classes, including online culinary courses and pastry classes that help you develop your skills in the kitchen. Test out the mixture of instructional videos and step-by-step recipes through online college classes in the culinary arts. Remember, the journey to becoming a professional chef begins by following a single recipe. Get started today when you check out the free online culinary arts classes listed here.

Select an Culinary Arts Subject


Design is a broad field with nearly unlimited practical and aesthetic applications. And your educational options for pursuing design careers are endless, too. Through Online College Classes, you can study a range of design fields like drafting and industrial design. Of course, if you prefer the digital world, you can study web design, graphic design, visual communications and video game design. You can even study fashion and interior design. Just choose the subject that intrigues you and start learning how to channel your creativity in the field of your choice.


If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, you have a lot of learning to do yourself before you ever set foot in your own classroom. Through Online College Classes, you can learn educational theory and effective teaching strategies that you can apply to many areas of education. Choose from free online classes in specific subjects like early childhood education, elementary education, English as a second language and special education. You can even find out what it takes to be a principal and to shape educational policy through classes in educational leadership.


Engineering is among the broadest disciplines, so it makes sense that you start to explore the different concentrations in the field for free through Online College Classes rather than paying a bundle at a big university. You can start learning how to use scientific principles of mechanics and physics through online civil engineering and mechanical engineering courses. You can also explore newer engineering disciplines through free online classes in computer engineering and software engineering. See the list of subjects provided to find the best type of engineering to fit your skills and career goals.

Fine Arts

Instruction in the fine arts can teach you to make the most of your creative side. It can also cost you a bundle at traditional art institutions and design colleges. But the good news is you can bone up on the finer things through Online College Classes by taking advantage of the free fine arts resources that are made available to you here. For instance, you can explore your passion for capturing a moment through online photography courses, or create a story when you study online film courses. You can also study acting, animation, art and architecture through these online college courses, all of which are offered at no cost to you.

Forensic Science

Forensic scientists apply scientific principles to the law by collecting and analyzing evidence left behind at crime scenes. But “forensic” simply means criminal investigation, and there is also a host of other careers that utilize forensic skills. Did you know that you can become a forensic accountant and investigates white-collar crimes? Or that you can take forensic nursing courses to learn how to treat victims of violent crime and abuse? And you can get started here at Online College Classes. In addition to classes in forensic science and nursing, you can also use free online forensics resources like classes in forensic accounting, forensic psychology and computer forensics.


People will always need healthcare and qualified professionals to provide it. In fact, in 2008, the average American household spent nearly $3,000 on healthcare and associated expenses like medical services and drugs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can build the foundation for a successful career in the healthcare industry by taking free online college courses in a variety of related fields. Some of the healthcare courses that you can take through Online College Classes include health science, health information, public health and sports medicine.

Law And Government

You probably think of lawyers when you think about law classes, but there are many different careers that you can pursue with an education in law and government. Not only can you take online law courses to become a lawyer or paralegal, you can also use the free resources on Online College Classes to learn the skills of a court reporter, criminologist or public administrator. And if you would rather pursue a career in upholding the law outside of the court system, you can also take online courses in criminal justice, crime scene investigation, law enforcement and homeland security.

Liberal Arts

Liberal arts classes will give you a broad education that you can apply to many different fields. They help you to build your critical thinking skills and to clearly articulate your ideas. Using the resources that are provided to you by Online College Classes, you can access a host of humanities courses in a variety of liberal arts subjects like history, communication, music and political science. In addition, you can study English and several other languages online using the free college classes that are available to you here.


Leadership may be an inborn trait, but management isn’t. If you want to make impactful decisions in your organization, you need to know how to manage people effectively so that you make the most progress in the least amount of time. You can start by taking some of the free online college management courses that are available here at Online College Classes. Through these courses, you can learn general management skills as well as gain specific knowledge through classes in areas like construction management, emergency management, hotel and restaurant management and more.


Nursing is one of the most popular subjects to study. That’s good, because it’s also a profession that offers ample job opportunities for qualified individuals. If you want to become one of those qualified job applicants, you can explore the many levels that exist in the field of nursing through the free online nursing courses that we have gathered for you. Through these online nursing courses, you will learn the difference between an RN and an LPN, and how to get promoted from one to the other. You can also gain specialized knowledge in nursing concentrations like anesthesia and certified nurse assisting.

Religious Studies

There are many different avenues for gaining knowledge of religious studies, and Online College Classes has just added one more. You can take advantage of the free religious studies educational resources that are offered by schools around the nation by choosing your concentration. You can focus on one of three areas, depending on your focus: counseling, ministry and theology. And if you aren’t sure what area of religious studies suits you best, you can always explore all of them, because all the resources at Online College Classes are free.


Qualified individuals who specialize in the sciences are always sought in the job market for research and field work positions. Of course, it goes without saying that science is a broad field, but don’t worry—at Online College Classes, we’ve got you covered, whether you like to study endangered species of the Amazon or the periodic table. No matter what you passion, you can learn about the key principles of biology, chemistry and physics through dozens of online science courses. And if you like the natural sciences, you can also explore subjects like forestry and fire science through free online classes.

Social Science

The social sciences include disciplines like sociology and psychology, both of which try to explain why people act the way we do. Within these fields, you can explore sub-disciplines like mental health counseling, social work and human services. No matter what you’d like to study, you can use the educational resources that are provided for you at Online College Classes at no cost to you. You can even take online courses in specialized areas of social science like sports psychology and gerontology. Choose a subject from the list on the right to discover free online social science courses today.


Technical classes cover exciting subjects like audio and video production. Through online technical classes, you can learn about the theories of audio engineering, video production and music production. Online college courses in topics like music theory, acoustics and electronic equipment will show you what you can look forward to as a sound engineer or video technician. And, like all material that you find here at Online College Classes, these technical production courses are all offered completely online and completely free of charge.

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine is concerned with providing healthcare to animals, with an emphasis on pets and livestock. You’ll have to actually work with animals to determine if you want to pursue this career, but you can learn about the theory of veterinary medicine through the online courses that we’ve collected for you here. And if you like the idea of working with animals but don’t want to spend years in graduate school, you can take free online courses in veterinary assisting and veterinary technician training to see if you would like a career in those fields.


The United States is suffering from a shortage of skilled laborers. Why not fill that gap with online courses in vocational careers in subjects like auto repair, electrician training and locksmithing? Naturally, you’ll need to get your hands on physical objects before you can become a professional in any field. But you can learn about the way things work online before you enter the shop by checking out the free online courses offered at Online College Classes. And if cars, wiring and lock picking aren’t your thing, you can also explore other vocational subjects like carpentry, plumbing, cosmetology and gunsmithing.


So you want to be a writer? The bad news is that few people have the chance to write the next great American novel. The good news is that solid writing skills will help you in a variety of careers. You can learn to create captivating stories in a creative writing class or learn how to pitch journalism stories that will pull readers in. Alternately, you can go the technical route and study business and technical writing. No matter how you want to use writing in your job, you can gain the necessary skills through Online College Classes.