Online Occupational Therapy Classes

Occupational therapy is about helping people with physical, psychological, or emotional disabilities increase independence and improve life skills. Programs will include courses in medical science, mental health, human development, and clinical fieldwork. Because the field is relatively new, there are very few courses offered in full online format, but they may become available soon.

Knowledge Gained

Students should anticipate gaining knowledge in the following disciples:


Students will take courses in physiology to introduce them to the forms, functions, and interactions of the human body. Areas of study will include the cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems, and how these systems influence and determine human movement.


Students will take kinesiology courses that study the science of human movement and its relationship to various aspects of physical and emotional health. Occupational therapy courses online examine physiological, mechanical, and psychological aspects of physical motion and how they apply to biomechanics, orthopedics, and physical rehabilitation.


Students taking courses in sociology will focus on the study of social processes and how these processes influence and alter individual opinions and values. Various methods of analysis and interpretation will be used to examine society's attitudes and reactions towards illness, disease, disability, and the therapeutic process.


Many classes focus on the structure of the nervous system and its various components and conditions. Students will study diseases and disabilities, such as multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, stroke, and spinal injuries to understand their impact on physical abilities and thinking skills.

Mental Health

Classes in mental health examine the emotional and psychological states that humans experience. Students in this field will focus on the relationship of mental health, rehabilitation and wellness, as well as the importance of emphasizing goals of assertiveness, self awareness, improved social skills, and stress management in improving patient quality of life.

Skills Developed

Students taking accredited online occupational therapy classes will develop critical skills in the following areas:


Students should learn critical observing skills in order to effectively treat patients, provide individual evaluations, and customize interventions. They will also learn how to record and update medical histories and provide the necessary feedback, guidance, and answers required in the therapeutic setting.


A key part of this field is being able to recognize the evolving nature of the health care environment and the importance of adapting. Advances in research, training, technology, and diagnostics require students to be committed to incorporating new learning skills in the therapeutic setting.

Interpersonal Skills

Courses that assign group projects can instill qualities of empathy, integrity, and concern for others. Students will also learn the importance of developing mature and sensitive relationships with others, as well as developing the necessary communication skills as part of a medical team.

Judgment and Decision Making

Many of these courses teach students to recognize and solve various issues related to therapeutic treatments. The ability to calculate, analyze, synthesize, interpret, and reason in varying clinical and therapeutic settings will be critical for students who want to become occupational therapists.

Written and Verbal Communication

Students will learn how to communicate effectively with peers, patients, doctors, and faculty by using the critical communication tools taught in school. These include the ability to complete reading assignments, evaluate literature, maintain records, develop protocols, and communicate in a clear and sensitive way in the therapeutic environment.

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