Online Music Classes

Online music classes provide students with knowledge in theory and composition, performance, and style. Through this broad range of topics, students earn the chance to enhance skills in areas such as critical analysis, social perceptiveness, presentation, teamwork, and self-management.

Online Music Classes

Through this subject of study, students gain an appreciation and understanding of musical components and how they work with one another. The subject falls broadly under two categories: composition and performance. Composition provides students with a detailed understanding of theory, history, musicianship, and the use of technology. Performance is for students concentrating on the mastery of a particular instrument or genre.

Knowledge Gained

Students taking accredited online classes in this subject should expect to learn about many specialties, including:


These courses teach students how to compose songs and scores in different forms. Students apply the fundamentals of theory, notation, and scoring for different instruments to create original pieces.


In this class, students learn methods and concepts to help analyze songs or compositions and apply that to new compositions. Highlighted concepts include chord progressions, intervals, harmony, melody, rhythm, and pitch, and many courses require students to learn basic keyboard proficiency.


These online classes teach performance for all types of instruments, including vocal performance. Improvisational practice with an instrument of choice is common.

Contemporary Music

Most schools and programs emphasize modern music genres and offer courses that cover styles such as jazz, American folk, blues, and rock. These courses also cover the history and circumstances surrounding the advent of the genre.

Computer Music

Some programs emphasize mastering electronic tools, so composers can create songs without spending lots of time and money on space and equipment. Students who take these courses will learn how to use programs like Final Cut Pro, Ableton and Pro Tools.

Skills Developed

Students in this field gain important skills in a variety of areas, including:

Critical Analysis

Students will learn how to think critically. Critical analysis is fundamental to understanding compositions and applying historical and theoretical concepts to your studies.

Social Perceptiveness

Students will gain an understanding of how the art has affected social behavior throughout history.

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