Online Music Production Classes

Students enrolled in accredited online classes for music production combine innate creativity and leadership instincts with practical job-related skills to become a viable producer, composer, mastering engineer, acoustic consultant, sound technician, studio designer or editor in the music industry. This knowledge includes everything from sound mixing and audio processing to employing critical thinking and both basic and industry-specific computer skills to create stunning musical recordings.

Online Music Production Courses - Knowledge Gained

Students taking top music production classes online can expect to gain knowledge in the following areas:

Signal Processing

The best online music production classes emphasize teaching signal processing, a digital component critical to all music production and composition that includes fundamental music analysis. Different parts of audio signal processing include spectra, digital filters and sinusoids, as well as analyzing problems of music modeling, synthesis and sound transformation.

Digital Audio

Digital audio knowledge heavily involves signal processing and intensive programming in music production and composition. Students in accredited online music production classes receive instruction in finalizing and optimizing digital media for the Internet and other multimedia sources.

Audio Processing

In top music production classes online, students learn that audio processing combines knowledge of what is relevant in today's market, the history of the music industry, aesthetics and how technology in electronic music has evolved over time. This study also addresses how people process sound through the auditory system, acoustics and musical cognitive abilities.

Recording and Mixing

An online college in music production teaches students about different concepts and techniques involved in recording live music in a studio and using different takes to mix the finished musical composition. This study involves learning the latest music production technologies, such as MIDI and Lynx, and includes mixing audio for digital multimedia and the Internet.


Amplifiers are used to project sound to audiences of all sizes during performances. The best music production courses online teach students which amplifiers are appropriate for different audience sizes and locations as well as for various musical styles.

Online Music Production Courses - Skills Developed

Students enrolled in online courses for music production can expect to learn and develop the following skill set:

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking in the music industry helps producers determine which recorded takes and tracks can be mixed to create a stunning musical composition. Students in accredited online classes for music production can expect to use music history, music theory, music critiques and analysis of market trends to think critically about music production.


The best online classes in music production teach students that the music producer is the leader of the production team, and as a result, excellent teamwork skills are critical to success. Group research, collaborative music projects and interactive compositions that incorporate contributions from classmates help students build teamwork skills.

Judgment and Decision Making

As the leader of a production team, the music producer is often relied upon to make important decisions about various aspects of music production. Top online courses in music production teach students how to exercise excellent judgment and decision-making skills based on current market trends and music composition, history and theory.

Verbal Communication

In a collaborative field like music production, which involves several different roles, it is critical to have excellent verbal communication skills so that music compositions are correctly processed, recorded and mixed. Accredited music production online courses prepare students by teaching the verbal skills necessary to mediate between artists and sound engineers on a project in order to create a balanced and cohesive musical composition or album.

Computer Skills

The best music production online classes make certain to teach students not only fundamental computer skills, such as how to use a word processor, but also the top technology available in music production. This technology and equipment includes such products as Ableton Live, Cubase, Reason and Pro Tools, among others.

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