Online MSN Classes

Online Masters of Science in Nursing classes teach students management skills in clinical pharmacology, pathophysiology, bioethical decision making, clinical management, and research. Courses also give students the necessary skills to succeed in advanced nursing occupations, including clerical skills, patient assessment, judgment and decision-making, critical thinking, and organization.

Online MSN Classes

Students pursuing an MSN learn skills necessary to manage health organizations, including family practice, nursing education, and nursing administration. A student pursuing this degree, who usually must be a registered nurse, will perform required clinical work through a local health organization while taking classes that focus on pharmacology, clinical management, bioethics, and research.

Knowledge Gained

Classes provide students with medical knowledge that includes:

Clinical Pharmacology

Programs equip students with advanced knowledge of the use of drugs in a clinical setting. These classes and their required clinical components touch on therapeutic drug use, drugs targeted for specific bodily systems, and modern drug design.


When pursuing this degree, students learn about homeostatic balance in the body and how diseases disrupt it. Courses teach students about bodily changes resulting from disease, injury, and inflammation.

Clinical Management

As part of an MSN program, students learn clinical management theories, such as communication theory, financial management, and health marketing. Students learn about effective communication, clinical service marketing, and information management methods for health practice.

Nursing Research

Students learn about nursing research by focusing on symptom management and research methods in these courses. Classes give students knowledge about end-of-life care, techniques for clinical research, measuring results, clinical trials, and disease prevention.

Bioethical Decision Making

Classes teach students to make ethical decisions by studying professional codes of ethics and key debates in bioethics. Course topics include the Hippocratic oath, the right to privacy, duty delegation, and medical safety.

Skills Developed

Online classes help students develop professional skills, such as:

Patient Assessment

Students learn how to make quick, effective patient assessments by studying diagnostic methods. In accredited classes, students master the identification of life-threatening conditions, field diagnostics, full-body analysis, and ongoing patient assessment methods.


As part of a curriculum in health management, nursing students develop clerical skills by studying health finance, administrative nursing management, and administrative data analysis. Clerical duties including hospital budgets, staff assignment, and economic analysis comprise part of this course.

Judgment and Decision Making

Judgment and decision making are taught through bioethical dilemmas and patient assessments. Offline clinical practice teaches the student how to assess both patient problems and administrative issues and how to make healthy, effective decisions for patient treatment and administrative action.

Critical Thinking

Students develop critical thinking skills by studying ethical debates and examining health policy. Reading arguments for ethical positions, questioning the assumptions of public health policy, and economically analyzing health systems help students learn how to think systematically and reflectively.


Students master organizational skills by completing scholarly projects and studying effective communication, health management, and finance. By juggling the long-term needs of scholarly work, studying organizational methods for health practice, and balancing medical budgets, students are taught key organizational skills, like time management and planning.

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