Online Ministry Classes

Online ministry courses train class participants in understanding the leader's role in shaping a congregation's vision and mission and focus on building biblical knowledge and developing character and integrity. Students study theology, philosophy and Christian history while acquiring skills in communication, leadership and organization. Setting direction for a growing community of worship, building faith, and training lay worship leaders are also part of the ministry curriculum.

Online Ministry Courses - Knowledge Gained

Students taking online ministry classes will acquire knowledge of the following areas:

New Testament

Top online ministry classes introduce the New Testament as the life and teachings of Christ and early history of Christianity. Students study the gospels and epistles of the 27 books of the New Testament in the context of historical reference, literary composition, theology and message.

Old Testament

Ministry classes online investigate the theological implications of God's promises in the Old Testament and relate principles of truth that impact life today. Students analyze Old Testament themes in light of historical background and literary genre, learning methods for analyzing narrative and poetic texts.


Ministry courses online prepare prospective ministers for the role of spiritual leader and instruct in the use of meditation, music, readings, sermons and expressions of adoration to guide congregants. Students learn the order of service, models of worship and significance of spiritual gifts.

Christian Counseling

The best online ministry classes offer training in Christian counseling that uses religious strategies to provide individual and marriage counseling. Students learn to foster healing in cases of loneliness, abuse, anger, anxiety, fear, depression and family relationships and to avoid counseling traps.

Moral Theology

Online ministry courses interpret the meaning of Christian revelation as it applies to the world today and explore the relationship between revelation, faith, theology and spirituality. Students study love and justice, reason and moral character, freedom and conscience, moral truth, sin, conversion and reconciliation.

Online Ministry Courses - Skills Developed

Accredited online courses for ministry help students develop skills in the following areas:


Instruction in accredited online classes for ministry concentrates on the role of pastor as teacher and manager, incorporating lessons in administration, management, preaching and counseling. Students learn self-differentiation, self-regulation, response to resistance, and how to creatively deal with challenge and change.

Active Listening

Online classes in ministry teach active listening as a tool that allows students to help congregants feel affirmed and understood. Learners practice paraphrasing other's words, reading nonverbal cues, and listening when it is hard to listen.

Critical Thinking

Accredited online courses in ministry offer practice in critical thinking rooted in the reasoning and faith of religious doctrine. Students learn to define cognitive problems, draw valid inductive and deductive inferences, identify verbal arguments and fallacies of logic and formulate hypotheses and causal theories.

Written and Verbal Communication

Online college programs in ministry present written and verbal communications as crucial to such ministerial duties as leading worship, supervising lay leaders and conducting Bible studies and retreats. Students in ministry online courses practice public speaking, voice, diction, pronunciation and writing essays, letters, reports and blogs.

Judgment and Decision Making

Ministry online classes prepare learners to make judgments and decisions based on moral notions of right and wrong. Students witness the choices that ministers make, from financial and employment decisions to judgments about worship performance, learning techniques of good decision making and pitfalls that lead to poor judgment.

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