Online Mental Health Classes

Accredited online mental health courses teach students a wide range of skills, including ethics, diagnosis and assessment, psychopharmacology, couples and family therapy and addiction. These courses also teach students about counseling techniques, written and verbal communication, critical thinking, active listening and crisis intervention.

Online Mental Health Classes

This particular degree teaches students how to recognize and treat mental, social and emotional disorders. While similar to the field of psychology, this degree includes a strong emphasis on counseling and patient interaction, preparing students to directly assist in treatment areas, developmental issues and cognitive therapy.

Knowledge Gained

Students enrolled in this degree acquire knowledge in the following areas:


Courses will explore ethical issues students commonly encounter in their career. Coursework covers important topics that affect health professionals, such as establishing and maintaining boundaries, patient/client confidentiality and client rights.

Diagnosis and Assessment

Online mental health classes train students in the intricacies of diagnosing and assessing patients by covering a range of commonly used practices. Students also learn how to effectively interpret and report findings, such as using personality and clinical scales to gather data for diagnosis.


Top online courses teach students about how drugs and substances affect the brain and human behavior. Students will learn about the biology and chemistry behind substance interactions and how drugs can affect the moods, thoughts and actions of patients.

Couples and Family Therapy

Students taking accredited mental health online courses are trained in a range of counseling practices, including specific techniques and tactics used when counseling families and couples affected by mental disorders. Students usually study developmental disabilities, youth violence, sexual disorders and bereavement.


Online courses discuss the psychology behind addiction and the variety of ways to treat it. Students also learn about the underlying causes of addiction, criteria for diagnosis, intervention tactics and treatment methods.

Skills Developed

Classes in this degree prepare students for various positions in mental health jobs by developing important career skills, including:

Counseling Techniques

Students learn theories of counseling, listening, assessment and problem-solving skills in this degree. Students also study how to read body language, monitor tone of voice, ask appropriate questions and other important actions that enhance counseling sessions.

Written and Verbal Communication

Students learn how to enhance communication skills with training that focuses on clear and coherent writing, precise speech and detailed documentation. Students also study how to adjust tone and diction for different audiences and situations.

Critical Thinking

Online courses in this subject have a strong emphasis on the development of critical thinking and reasoning skills, which are vital tools for building effective counseling and therapy sessions. Courses also teach students how to carefully evaluate data from a patient interaction, apply the information to diagnosis and discover treatment options.

Active Listening

A core skill taught in this degree is active listening, which trains students to read body language and emotional undertones. Students also uncover how to capably paraphrase and respond to patients to create conducive interaction for counseling.

Crisis Intervention

Students will research how to quickly intervene in crisis situations during their studies. In addition to this, they'll also learn how to read patients for telltale danger signs and when to step in and treat potential risky situations.

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