Online Medical Transcription Classes

This allied health profession centers on analyzing and documenting medical history and procedures, and students who are training to work in this field will learn how to write dictated medical records, edit dictated reports for clarity and accuracy, and follow up on possible inaccuracies with the dictating physician. Students are trained to become experts in medical terminology, dictation machinery, and general medical office duties.

Knowledge Gained

Some of the knowledge areas that are enhanced by these classes are:

Medical Terminology

Students should take vocabulary training courses to ensure that transcriptions are accurate and to avoid mistakes that could lead to misinformation on patient files. Courses should include training on root words and affixes, as well as anatomical and physiological vocabulary by body system and disease family.

English Language

Knowing and using standard English language skills, such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling is vital. Students will learn how to compensate for regional dialects, colloquialisms and slang, as well as expand their understanding of correct sentence formation, grammar usage, and commonly misspelled words.

Anatomy and Physiology

In order to maintain the most accurate records, students must know how medical procedures should relate to human anatomy and physiology. Courses should specifically cover the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, digestive, muscular, respiratory, endocrine, and reproductive systems as well as pathogenic organisms, tumors and other medical specialties.

Using Dictation Equipment

The best courses provide students with training on both traditional transcription equipment like cassette tape voice recorders and advanced technology like voice recorder application systems. Students should become familiar with the current dictation equipment, such as DVD transcribers, digital voice recorders, and current encryption and dictation software.


Being able to accurately transcribe medical information from both recorded documents and speech recognition software is a key area of study for this field. Students should also be given training on transcribing sensitive materials into other document forms like reports, eliminating inaccuracies and jargon, and maintaining confidentiality of patient records.

Skills Developed

These major courses will teach students the following skills:

Customer Service

These classes will teach students how to manage customer expectations by creating accurate documents in a timely manner. Additionally, students will learn how to build positive relationships by obtaining physician approval on documents, follow up with possible inconsistencies, and communicate with patients when necessary.


One of the goals in this field is to increase student typing speed and accuracy to create documents that reflect correct medical history and procedures. Through typing drills and transcription of patient case studies, students will learn to maintain a maximum typing speed while checking for errors and keeping the writing tone consistent.


A skill gained in school is the ability to check facts and thoroughly edit content. Students will learn how to edit material for tone, improper spelling, or grammar and text that has been created using dictation software to ensure the accuracy of medical proceedings.


Online medical transcription classes will teach students how to use their memorization skills to remember specific procedures, anatomical and physiological terminology, and medical forms. Students should be trained to remember intricate medical details, specific medical pathologies, and personal variations in physician reporting style.

Judgment and Decision Making

Students will also learn how to think critically and make decisions before, during, and after the medical transcription process. Being aware of medical procedures, proper reporting formats, and language usage helps students to make accurate judgments of dictated information and determine possible flaws in the document.

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