Online Medical Coding Classes

Students enrolled in medical coding courses will become knowledgeable in several key areas, including medical terminology, coding systems, anatomy and physiology, health insurance reimbursement, and coding software. They will also learn documentation, memorization, judgment and decision making, clerical, and computer skills.

Online Medical Coding Classes

In school, students will learn how to manage health care information for both online and offline purposes, in addition to correctly representing medical procedures in order to maintain confidentiality, accuracy, and accessibility. The best classes will ensure that students can identify, utilize, and interpret coding in the current medical workplace.

Knowledge Gained

Students in medical coding courses will learn valuable skills, such as:

Medical Terminology

In these major-specific courses, students are trained to understand key medical terminology in order to maintain effective records and interpret medical histories. Important terms should be broken down by roots, prefixes and suffixes, and important technical information, while case studies should be included to anchor terminological knowledge.

Coding Systems

Coding systems classes will help students stay apprised of current coding languages, while learning industry-standard coding languages, including ICD (International Classification of Diseases), CPT (Current Procedural Terminology), DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), DRG (Diagnosis-Related Groups), RBRVS (Resource-Based Relative Value Scale), and SNOMED (Systematize Nomenclature of Medicine - Clinical Terms).

Anatomy and Physiology

In anatomy and physiology courses, students will learn about the human body and the processes by which diseases are treated. Studies which include the symptoms, pathology and prognosis of illness, and other medical procedures are taught in these courses.

Health Insurance Reimbursement

Some of the key aspects of these courses are studying health care plans and form submission processes to receive reimbursement for medical services. Students should receive training on both indemnity and managed health care plans and learn to submit standard forms for collection purposes.

Coding Software

Coding software courses teach students how to use the most advanced coding software, as well as manage the software designed to help code and document medical procedures and histories.

Skills Developed

Medical coding classes help students develop the following skills:


The ability to document and discern medical records is just one of the skills students will gain in these career courses. Students will be taught the best practices for notating diseases, medical services provided, and financial information as it pertains to reimbursement for treatment.


Students will also learn basic clerical skills, like filing, alphabetizing, and general office duties. Many of the best schools will spend time to ensure that a student can type, maintain paper records, and work with physicians and patients in a demanding office setting.


Prospective medical coders will learn to memorize multiple coding languages and various anatomical and medical terminology, as well as specific types of insurance forms and procedures to ensure that payment is received for services.

Judgment and Decision Making

Students enrolled in these courses will gain the ability to judge quickly and appropriately. Courses should teach students how to choose between possible coding choices, make correct decisions regarding insurance payments and forms, and judge sensitive materials in order to locate mistakes or provide constructive solutions to problems.

Computer Skills

Medical coding classes will teach students how to work with technological databases and computer programs and use everyday office equipment, like fax machines and computers. They will also become proficient in specified computer programs designed to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

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