Online Medical Billing Classes

Students enrolled in medical billing courses will learn medical terminology, insurance billing, health insurance reimbursement, billing software, and coding systems, and develop important industry skills, such as documentation, office management, memorization, judgment and decision making, and computer skills.

Online Medical Billing Classes

While in school, students will become familiar with current billing practices in the medical field. These field-specific classes give detailed instructions on the coding of medical services, proper methods for submitting and processing insurance claims, and access to key terminology to ensure claims are correct. Students will learn the latest software and the most accurate methods of submitting various types of medical claims.

Knowledge Gained

Students will become well-versed in the following areas:

Medical Terminology

It is necessary for billing students to gain extensive medical vocabularies in order to decipher medical procedures and treatments. They will learn the word origins for general terminology, specific terminology by body system or disease family, and specific case examples and anchoring concepts for each of the terms to be memorized.

Insurance Billing

A core focus of medical billing centers is the procedure for creating, submitting, and documenting insurance claims. Students will learn to distinguish between indemnity and managed care plans, and be given specific instructions on how to submit claims for each type of plan.

Health Insurance Reimbursement

Students will also learn how to claim funds for provided medical treatments. These courses will teach units of payment, lengths of expected time to receive disbursements from different institutions, and possible financial risks for both doctors and patients.

Billing Software

Courses will cover the specific types of reports and patient information that can be generated with billing software. Students should learn how to gather and input patient data, create financial documents, and submit specific reports and forms from the latest billing software programs.

Coding Systems

Coding systems courses teach students how to record causes of death, report diseases and medical procedures, and appropriately bill patients. The best online classes for medical billing will teach International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) as well as other major coding systems.

Skills Developed

Upon completion of these major courses, students will develop a variety of skills, such as:


An effective program will teach students how to pay attention to detail in regards to documenting medical and financial information. Students will learn how to work with important forms like the CMS 1500, and receive training on how to quickly identify and correct documentation mistakes.

Office Management

Students will learn skills like organization, customer service, and general management in school. Even in a highly technical field, it is imperative for students to gain skills that will allow them to run an effective medical office, handle unruly patients, and maintain a clean and positive office environment.


Prospective medical billers will be trained to memorize large amounts of information quickly. This information is not limited to only medical terminology and insurance coding, but can include patient information, office procedures, and specific protocol for unique situations.

Judgment and Decision Making

Students will master the skills of judgment and decision making, specifically when dealing with sensitive information and situations. They will learn how to correctly classify medical treatments, make insurance decisions based on financial risks to the patient and provider, and determine possible billing solutions for each patient.

Computer Skills

Medical billing classes will teach students how to manage information systems on the most advanced computer software and hardware. Students will gain the skills and knowledge to correctly input information and extract data from computer billing software, as well as use other technology to accurately code medical services.

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