Online Massage Therapy Classes

Massage therapy involves the study of physiology, kinesiology, pathology, nutrition and ethics in order to instill a holistic knowledge of the human body and its functions. Students that pursue this field will further develop skills in active listening, social perceptiveness, observation, interpersonal skills and massage technique.

Online Massage Therapy Classes

Courses in the field of massage often involve the study of human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, movement and the effects of physical contact on the body as well as different techniques for treating issues that affect the muscles. Massage therapy curriculums typically focus on the four major types of massage: trigger point, deep tissue, sports and Swedish.

Knowledge Gained

Massage therapy majors will learn about the following subject areas in order to gain a well-rounded knowledge of the field:


Classes in kinesiology involve learning about the proper operation of the human body as it relates to physical activities and overall health. Students taking accredited online classes in massage therapy will be introduced to the applications of kinesiology which include rehabilitation, human motor performance, ergonomics and occupational health and safety.


If anatomy is the study of form, physiology is the study of function. Physiology courses explore the cardiovascular, endocrine, neural and gastrointestinal systems, and how each of these systems perform interdependently.


Ethics courses give students a solid foundation for interacting with clients on a personal level. Since students will have close personal contact with their clients, they must learn how to establish boundaries and act in a legal and morally sound manner.


In pathology courses, students will study the factors that cause diseases and learn how diseases work. Online courses in pathology will include information on how to identify various diseases, which questions to ask patients, and which diseases should indicate that massage should not be performed, either for the health of the patient or the safety of the therapist.


Further adding to their knowledge of the human body, students will need to take classes in nutrition to learn how food affects the overall health and function of the body. In nutrition classes, students will study an array of nutrients and how they cause, prevent, or treat diseases and disorders, in addition to learning about the basic nutrition that the body needs to function optimally.

Skills Developed

Massage therapy courses will provide students with insight into the following areas:


The study of observation provides students with the necessary skills to notice and assess abnormalities in their patients' movements. These classes often involve the study of optimal movement, anatomy and possible treatments for existing anomalies, as well as therapies to prevent injury due to improper movement.

Active Listening

Classes that involve active listening allow students to develop their ability to focus their attention and engage in ways that make the speaker comfortable and confident in being heard. These are important skills because massage therapists will need to glean information from their clients to prevent injury and make their patients feel comfortable and safe.

Massage Techniques

Students will acquire hands-on skills and learn specific massage techniques to provide a variety of treatments. This can often involve lessons in the different types of massage, including shiatsu, deep tissue, Swedish and sports.

Interpersonal Skills

Similar to active listening, lessons in interpersonal skills will facilitate the flow of information, which allows massage therapists to provide services in a safe and effective manner. Students will learn how to make clients comfortable to reduce tension and allow patients to discuss their concerns in an open and safe environment.

Social Perceptiveness

The study of social perceptiveness helps students learn how to read the spoken and unspoken social cues of their patients. By analyzing various reactions to stimuli in massage therapy classes online, students will develop the skills necessary to provide massage in a way that adapts to feedback provided by the patient in a natural and comfortable way.

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