Online Marketing Classes

Students interested in this subject will learn how public demand for products and services affects decisions within an organization. Topics of concentration include building brand identity, advertising, and analysis of consumer spending. Top online courses for marketing offer a solid foundation in the core concepts of strategic management, consumer behavior, and digital technologies, which enable students to plan and execute successful online promotion campaigns.

Knowledge Gained

Students will gain knowledge in a variety of areas including:


Using digital technologies to sell goods and services is crucial in the modern economy. Participants learn in-demand technical skills in web analytics, social media, mobile advertising, e-commerce, search engine optimization, and more.

Strategic Management

In these classes, students learn to assess competitors, set goals designed to reach benchmarks, and evaluate a company, its environment, and the industry. At the core of these curriculums are the best methods for engaging a management team, board of directors, or stakeholders in formulating company vision and policies.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior explores how consumers think, feel, reason and make selections among brands, products, and retailers. Students learn to assess external environments, such as economic instability, culture and family influence, as well as internal variables like motivation, attitude, and information processing.

Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and promotion courses will focus on various methods of reaching prospective customers. Students learn to define targets, narrow company messaging, budget investments, and select appropriate media for campaigns that give companies a competitive edge and build brand identity.

Market Research

Courses in market research can cover two areas: consumer and business-to-business (B2B) research. Design, sampling, data collection, and measurements are basic, but courses also focus on understanding trends on the global stage.

Skills Developed

Students will also build skills in the following areas:

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Students in online marketing classes learn to analyze and use consumer data to make informed decisions about promotional campaigns. They also learn to challenge assumptions, seek evidence through research, recognize frames of reference among consumers, understand opposing views, and examine their own thinking in the critical analysis of business strategy.

Creative Thinking

Students use creative thinking to bring a product, process, or idea into existence. They learn to think inventively by brainstorming, developing new ways of looking at things, and applying existing processes to new or different markets.

Written and Verbal Communication

A strong grasp of written and verbal communication essentials is also important for everyday business situations, as well as making important deals. Grammar, punctuation, public speaking, presentations, and much more are covered.

Judgment and Decision Making

Good judgment and decision making are behind the actions that move a company forward. Students learn to define a problem, identify objectives, consider alternatives, gather and evaluate information, reach conclusions, and document rationales while refraining from bias that skews outcomes.

Social Perceptiveness

Social perceptiveness or insight into interpersonal dynamics constitutes part of the leadership training offered in these type of curriculums. Students take stock of their own motives, values, drives, and preferences while learning the importance of flexibility and adaptability in mediating confrontations, empathizing with stakeholders, and building trust.

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